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Boathouse wins builders’ award

The Selkirk boathouse in the Township of Douro-Dummer recently received first place at the International ICF (insulated concrete form)Builders Awards in Las Vegas.

Gord Toms (contractor), Louise Mackenzie (architectural designer), Todd Watts (ICF installer) and Randal Selkirk (owner) all attended the award ceremony.

Dave Nuttall, and Andrew and Stephen Rodosky of Dave Nuttall Masonry did the cutting and laying of the stones from the quarry of Jeff Parnell.

Toms Contracting Inc. was chosen to build the boathouse given the incredible and unique scope of the project.

The boathouse, using ICF construction, was built completely into the cliff with trees and grass growing on top at the same level as the existing topography of the cliff.

Interestingly, Louise was involved in the first ICF project in the Peterborough area 15 years ago.

Mr. Selkirk said, “The vision Louise had of embedding the boathouse into the cliff worked in harmony with my desire to blend the boathouse with the surroundings, while at the same time achieving both our goal of having more than 75 per cent of the shoreline left natural on the property.”

On the lake side, Louise completed this innovative idea by combining actual limestone as face material on the exterior with tudor-coloured embellishments which integrated beautifully with the tones of the natural limestone cliff.

The vernacular architecture of the structure was dictated by the limestone surroundings and by the challenges presented by the cliff.

Gord’s building experience, knowledge of building materials and expertise in engineering complex projects were invaluable to the project.

Mr. Selkirk remarked, “Once the project started I realized I had chosen the right contractor. Gord brought unbelievable experience to the project, but more importantly, he built it as if it was his own.”

Gord’s calm yet efficient management style enabled him to assemble a group of top sub-contractors.

The team was pleased that local talent from the township and the county completed the project.

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