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United Way presentation at North Kawartha council

by Doug Hutton

Jim Russell, CEO, and Paul Ayotte, 2012 Campaign Chair discussed the activities of the United way in North Kawartha at council’s October 16 meeting.

Mr. Russell said that the UW was able to prevent 12 families from being evicted from their homes and 191 seniors were also able to stay in their homes with the UW’s assistance.

Other programs assisted 89 children with learning disabilities and enabled quality early-learning programs to 35 pre-school children.

Mr. Russell said that the UW is always examining its programs to make sure that the funds are being spent in areas that give the best impact for the communities.

Council thanked the presenters for the presentation and for their ongoing work in the county.

Viamede Wharf Resurfacing

Council approved the recommendation to award the tender for the Viamede Wharf repair to Ron Dennis Construction (McArthurs Mills) for $26,583.

The work involves pouring a 6-8 inch concrete top on the wharf and installing timbers round the outside for various nautical hardware. The tender was the lowest price and within budget.

County Council Update

Reeve Jim Whelan stated that a discretionary benefit to welfare recipients costs the City of Peterborough $24.75 per case, but the Ontario government will only pay $10.00.

County Council passed a motion to lobby the provincial government, but now that the government has been prorogued, it’s unclear what future steps can be taken.

Deputy Reeve Barry Rand said that there has been some discussion regarding future requirements from Canada Post. It is intending to do away with Rural Routes and smaller town designations and revert to township names instead. The Chamber of Commerce is concerned about the impact on business mail.

Crowe Valley Conservation Authority

Deputy Reeve, Barry Rand gave council an update on the CVCA. He is currently writing a long-range plan based on the committee and sub-committee reports that he has received.

The report will be reviewed by the board on Nov. 2. He said that a number of significant permits have been dealt with over the last couple of weeks and that there is no large backlog at the current time.

Source Water Protection

Councillor Carolyn Amyotte informed council that she and Chief Building Inspector Tim Powell attended a meeting of the Source Water Protection, Municipal Working Group last week.

Because there are no municipal water systems in North Kawartha, or well heads supplying municipal water, the source water protection legislation does not currently apply.

Mr. Powell learned however that, if North Kawartha’s situation was to change in the future, the township would be able to opt-in to the county’s system for about $9,300 per year to utilize the county’s enforcement officer.

Mr. Powell said that this would be much cheaper than hiring and training another staff member.

Community Planning Committee

Councillor Carolyn Amyotte reported that the committee has recommended that council consider the cost of garbage containers in the 2013 budget.

She explained that the exact number and locations are still to be determined, but these would be fairly substantial animal-proof containers located in a few strategic locations. Council agreed to defer the topic to the budget meeting.

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