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DD gets new County Forest fire agreement

by Terry McQuitty

Fighting fires can be an expensive task and in the case of the County Forrest in Douro-Dummer Township the price tag could be devastating.

Fire Chief Mike Keough presented a report to council on February 5 outlining the present costs if a fire were to break out in the forest.

Keough stated that Douro-Dummer would receive assistance from Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, but together they would not have the resources to contain a fire and would require the assistance of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).

The Township presently has a contract with the MNR for fighting fires in the County Forest at a reduced rate, however the contracted rate is still $8,551 per hour for the MNR and the cost for the Douro-Dummer Fire Department would be an additional $1,744 per hour.

The MNR is offering a new five year contract for the County Forest property in which the costs would be $1,900 for 2013. According to this contract the Douro-Dummer Fire Department would respond to the initial call, but the MNR would take over as soon as possible.

The new contract will see increases over the five year period with a $1,900 price tag in 2013 going up to $2,580 in 2017.

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