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Nanosilver research earns lunch with Prime Minister

by Christina Millington

Adam Noble sat down with Prime Minister Stephen Harper regarding Adam’s nanosilver research in Ottawa on Feb. 13.

Noble had the honour of sitting down with not only the Prime Minister, but Minister of State Gary Goodyear and MP Dean Del Mastro to discuss his progress regarding his studies of nanosilver and extracting its particles from wastewater in an extraordinary effort to cure cancer.

“It was really cool,” said Noble. “The Prime Minister has a genuine interest in the sciences. It was nice to sit down with him.”

Noble made way to Canada’s Capital to speak with the Prime Minister in regards to getting the necessary funding in place to further his scientific research and to get the public more actively aware of those involved with science research.

Having parents that are veterinarians, Noble naturally had a passion for the sciences and he has always had a natural curiosity for all living organisms.

Noble is seeking not only funding from the government, but rather its attention to the scientific efforts being made on behalf of the younger generation.

However, that’s not the only initiative Noble is pursuing these days. He has been applying to attend the National Science Fair, an annual event which takes place in Lethbridge, Alberta in the spring.

“I need to be able to qualify through the Regional Science Fair of Peterborough,” said Noble. “If I qualify from there I will be able to attend.”

Noble has been at the forefront of his studies since day one. He began his fascination with a unique form of algae called Euglena, a genus of unicellular protists, which is a single-celled organism.

Euglena can both eat food as animals by heterotrophy; and can photosynthesize, like plants, by autotrophy.

Noble had spent the majority of his high school career confined to his basement tending to the Euglena while his friends were off doing what high school kids do.

According to Noble, Euglena is not like caring for a pet for it has more complex characteristics which require constant care and attention in order for it to thrive outside of its natural environment.

Noble is expecting to receive funding information from Minister Goodyear’s office in order to go forward with the process and to further his ability to explore his research.

Noble feels that primary research in Canada has been on the decline. However, he was reassured by Prime Minister Harper that initiatives are in place to support the sciences and to encourage exploration.

“I am a researcher applying for grants,” said Noble. “It’s helpful to know about funding opportunities that are not otherwise being reported on in the news.”

Currently Noble has planned out experiments with Sick Kids Hospital, which has Noble and a team looking at the clinical trial phases.

Noble couldn’t be more appreciative of the help he has been receiving from MP Dean Del Mastro.

“Dean Del Mastro’s support has been amazing,” said Noble. “He has made this experience possible.”

Noble continues with his research studies at the laboratory facilities at Trent University.

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