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Buckhorn author’s story chosen for anthology

by Jaclyn Witherly

Buckhorn author Nancy Boyce is among those selected to be published for the first print anthology by CommuterLit, titled CommuterLit Selections Fall 2013.

CommuterLit is a popular website of poems and short stories, meant to be read during a public transit morning commute.

The website has been around for three years, and posts a new short story, poem or excerpt from a novel every morning at 6:30 a.m. Monday to Friday.

The pieces are read on tablets, smart phones and laptops, but this is the first print copy to be created, featuring the best works of the past year.

Nancy Boyce has been published 14 times in CommuterLit and her story titled Times a Wasting was selected for the anthology.

The story is about Boyce and her dog Bailey and about time moving sometimes all too quickly.

“CommuterLit is really special to me because I think they give so many people a chance,” Boyce said. “I enjoy reading the stories, I like to read them and observe what I like and don’t like to help me improve.”

Boyce worked for the Ontario Government, doing business writing and recently took up creative writing after she retired and moved to Big Bald Lake. She has also had stories published in Canadian Stories and Marco Polo.

“I think I’ve always enjoyed writing of some type, I really did enjoy business writing,” she explained. “I like giving presentations, I enjoy doing training, I enjoy talking to people. So I guess to me it’s another form of communicating with people.”

She said she was very thrilled when she received the letter informing her she had been selected to be published in the ‘best of’ works. She thinks they selected this particular story because of the emotional impact it holds.

“The theme to me is about enjoying your puppies or your children while they are still young, and to put up with whatever comes with them being young, because time just goes by too fast,” she said.

CommuterLit will continue publishing their daily stories online and will most likely compile an anthology every season. Boyce plans to continue submitting work to them.

“CommuterLit is a great tool for other aspiring authors to be published, and so is Canadian Stories. They like articles about your way of life or something historical. I would like people to know there are ways for them to be published that aren’t expensive. I encourage other people who want to write to do the same thing.”

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