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City picks a new name for police force

by Ben Clarke

The future of policing in Lakefield remains up in the air as Peterborough city council votes to rename its police force.

Councillors voted in favor of a new name for the de-amalgamated police force: the Peterborough Community Police Service.

The new name comes into effect in January 2015, when the Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service ceases to exist.

Sitting as the committee of the whole Monday night, councillors also voted to send a letter to the Ontario Civilian Police Commission stating that the city intends to use the existing police infrastructure and the existing administration and personnel when the force breaks ties with Lakefield.

Council approved this post-amalgamation policing plan Monday after the Ontario Civilian Police Commission received complaints from parties such as the Peterborough Police Association.

The concern was that the Commission should have approved the de-amalgation before city council decided to do it – and that city council should have stated its policing plan for 2015.

The letter-writers also wondered how the city will offset lost revenues from Lakefield – about $900,000 – in the 2015 budget.

The plan approved by councillors states that it will be up to the 2015 police board to set a budget and to decide whether to lay off staff – that won’t be up to the city.

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