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Ridpath students’ bracelets raise funds for LAWS

by Ben Clarke

A group of animal-loving students are making a difference at Ridpath Public School.

Grade 5 students Malaika Collette, Isaac Maker, Holly Horton and Ella Hallsmith have been selling bracelets at their school to raise money for the Lakefield Animal Welfare Society (LAWS).

To date with the help of fellow students, the group has raised $312.65.

“I thought that we should sell bracelets for a fundraiser and Ella thought we should do it for LAWS,” says Maker.

“It was early November when we started raising the money and we did it for two weeks.”

Each student at Ridpath Public School was sent home a letter to give to their parents detailing what the fundraiser was and prices for different bracelets.

In the two week of sales the four students would get an overwhelming response to the bracelets, which they made themselves.

Different styles of bracelets were available for between $3 or less and a number of students were quick to purchase them for the cause, as the handmade bracelets are currently a popular trend among students.

While the students spent several hours making the bracelets, they say anyone can do it once they learn.

“Some of the bracelets only take a couple minutes to make,” says Horton.

“Some of the other ones take about 15 minutes to make once you get good at it.”

While the students have currently completed this particular fundraiser, the group hopes to do more in the future and talks have even started about the possibility of a club forming.

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