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Peterborough County Cattlemen award bursaries to five County 4-H members

On Friday, November 29, Peterborough County Cattlemen Director Dave Cavanagh presented $250 bursaries to five Peterborough County 4-H members at their annual 4-H banquet held at Trinity United Church, Peterborough.

To qualify members completed four 4-H beef projects and were enrolled in a college or university. Bursary recipients are Dylan Hutchinson, Katrina Mason, Victoria McEldon, Jordan Cavanagh and Joahanna O’Grady.

Dave Cavanagh, who is also a 4-H leader says, “4-H is alive and well in 2013. Long gone are the days of animal projects and home baking. 4-H now offers an extremely diverse set of projects that are tailored to skill sets necessary for today’s environment.

“Beef sector members are growing up in the world of genomic testing, EPD’s, and feed conversion ratio’s. Marketing of livestock consists of marketing both your breeding and feeding program, as well as yourself and your farm. It is a total enterprise business.

“I have known these members for several years, and each one is as deserving as the other. It has been a pleasure working with each of them.”

In August the 4-H members held a successful calf competition at the Cattlemen’s BBQ held at the farm of Darrell and Susan Drain and their family. Approximately 1400 people were on hand.

In 2013, the Peterborough County Cattlemen have also awarded bursaries to Dylan Ryley from Crestwood High School, Cam Stockdale from Norwood High School and a student from Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School.

They presented an award to the top Peterborough County 4-H show-person and provided show harnesses to all first year 4-H beef club members.

Peterborough Cattlemen President Garnet Toms says, “It is great to see so many youngsters involved in 4-H. They are very attentive to their animals and show great promise for the future of agriculture.”

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