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Skate, Ski or Snowshoe with an Expert

An increasing number of people have been attracted to the Oval during the past couple winters because the Oval provides an opportunity to try a winter recreational activity in an easily accessible setting. We have discovered that all people often need to take the step to becoming involved on a regular basis is a bit of guidance and encouragement on their first couple visits to the Oval.

This winter the changes to the Oval site will also make it possible for local residents to easily try either cross country skiing or snow shoeing. To encourage local residents to try any one of these three great winter activities the Oval Board has recruited a group of volunteers who are familiar with the site and the sports. They will be available throughout the winter to provide an introduction to these winter activities and the facilities that are available at the Oval site.

The cost for an introductory session in a one of the three winter activities will be $10 per person. We will be organizing small groups depending on the demand and the weather conditions. For any individual or group that wants to try any one of these three winter activities we will also be able to provide rental equipment as part of the session at a very low cost.

Individuals or groups who wish to take advantage of this opportunity are asked to contact us by email at or to phone or drop in to Adventure Outfitters, 1828 8th Line - (705) 652 7986.

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