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Reading resolution

by Jill Warren

Did you make any New Yearís resolutions? How about a reading resolution?

I polled our library staff for their New Yearís reading resolutions and this is what I got back.

Joan MacDonald, CEO & Bridgenorth Branch Librarian: I plan to read all the titles nominated for Canada Reads before the start of the radio debates in March.

Pat Westwood, Ennismore Branch Librarian: I would like to familiarize myself with more entertaining fiction and non-fiction that may appeal to nursing/retirement home residents, in readiness for my retirement. Once a librarian, always a librarian.

Kathleen Charlton, Library Programming Coordinator: Unfortunately Kathleen found herself stuck waiting for winter storms to subside and flights to return to normal and was, therefore unable to relate her reading resolutions to me. I do know, however, that we have a lot of new childrenísí books just waiting for her to read and plan new programs around!

Heidi Grosklag, Technology and Training Coordinator: My reading resolution will be to take more time to read Ė and enjoy it! Also I need to finish the Divergent Trilogy.

Heather Jamieson, Assistant Librarian & Community Outreach Coordinator: Hmmmm ... So hard to decide! I would have to say that my reading resolution would be to read more nonfiction! I see so many great nonfiction titles that we get that I would love to read, but I never make the time to read them! I am always too busy reading fiction!

Jill Warren, Lakefield Branch Librarian: I would like to expand my reading horizons. Itís so easy to fall into a pattern of reading favourite authors and one genre. Itís time to get out of my comfort zone and read something new!

Let us help you with your 2014 reading resolutions! We can assist you with that new ereader, find you a new author to try and even order in material that our library doesnít have on itís shelves.

Drop in to your local Selwyn Public Library and get started on your 2014 reading year!

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