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North Kawartha- Jim Whelan still has a few more projects

by Ben Clarke

After three terms as Mayor of North Kawartha, Jim Whelan cited a love of the job, as a major factor in his decision to run again in October’s municipal election.

Although he is happy with the progress the Municipality has shown in his time as Mayor, Whelan still has a few more projects he would like to see completed while still in office.

Originally from Peterborough, Whelan ran both Whelan Carpet Land and Peterborough Carpet Land for 30 years before deciding to retire in 1990 down at the cottage in North Kawartha, which was known as Burleigh-Anstruther-Chandos at the time.

Known as someone who doesn’t enjoy too much down time, Whelan would run for Deputy Reeve of Burleigh-Anstruther in 1994 and serve in the position until 1997.

He would go on to become Mayor of North Kawartha following its amalgamation in 1998, a position he has held for the past 14 years.

“Ever since I’ve been a Deputy Reeve I have been helping to build this community as Burleigh-Anstruther and now as Mayor of North Kawartha,” says Whelan following a decision to run for a fourth term in October.

Building is just what he has done, as the Municipality has seen the construction of a new arena, new libraries, a new fire hall plus an extension on a current facility, along with the upgrading of roads to name a few.

“There’s still a couple of projects I would like to get done in the next term,” said Whelan although he wasn’t quite ready to divulge what these would be.

“I just love the job. I think part of the reason I love the job is just because we have been so successful as a council.”

Whelan says a major factor in the success of the Municiaplity is the $18 million in infrastructure funding the community has received in the last six years, allowing council to provide the facilities it has in recent years.

“We have been fortunate to get a good slice of it, which has allowed us to build these facilities with this infrastructure money,” says Whelan.

“I would like to see this trend continue.”

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