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Plaque will honour Bill Russell at Douro’s Shamrock Soccer field

by Terry McQuitty

Douro-Dummer council received a delegation in November that requested the soccer fields at Douro Park be renamed for a certain individual.

Following the delegation, correspondence was received from the Optimist Club requesting that any decisions be deferred as there were many people involved in the development of the fields and further discussion should be undertaken prior to any decisions.

Council revisited the request at Tuesday’s meeting where staff submitted a report which laid out a compromise.

The report suggested that staff work with the Shamrock Soccer Club to erect a plaque or sign at the soccer field location in Douro Park to recognize the work that Bill Russell has put towards the development of the soccer fields.

The wording on the plaque or sign would be negotiated with the soccer club and an official unveiling will take place once the season is under way.

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