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Rick Woodcock has five issues to address

by Ben Clarke

Following some of his own advice, Rick Woodcock has officially joined the race by declaring his candidacy for Mayor of The Township of North Kawartha in the upcoming 2014 municipal election.

“I noticed with the last election there wasn’t a great voter turnout,” says Woodcock.

“I then decided to form a committee to beat around the bush and see who was interested in getting involved and to look at what is expected of a council.

“I guess I put my foot in my mouth so I thought I would throw my hat into the Mayor’s race.”

After a long and distinguished career as a healthcare administrator, Woodcock and his wife Candy retired to their home on Chandos Lake a little over three years ago.

Since moving to North Kawartha, Rick has become strongly rooted in several volunteer positions ranging from being a volunteer firefighter with the North Kawartha Fire Department, serving as treasurer of the Community Policing Committee, vice-president of the Chandos Lake Property Owners’ Association, and most recently the Lead of the Political Action Committee.

Woodcock looks forward to continuing his endeavor to contribute to the community and work for the overall betterment of all residents of The Township of North Kawartha.

Rick will be spending the next couple months meeting with other North Kawartha residents and business owners to listen to their concerns, with the goal of identifying opportunities for making improvements if elected as Mayor of North Kawartha.

“It’s still very early in the race,” says Woodcock.

“I have about five issues I want to address in my platform but right now I want to spend the next couple of months talking with residents to get a feel for what others are thinking and to see what their issues are.”

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