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Carolyn Amyotte seeking re-election

by Ben Clarke

North Kawartha has had its first councillor file her nomination papers, as the election race in the municipality is beginning to heat up.

Burleigh-Anstruther Ward 2 Councillor Carolyn Amyotte will seek re-election when residents take to the polls in October.

Amyotte is currently in her third term as Ward 2 councillor and although declaring for Mayor or Deputy Mayor crossed her mind, she believes her current position is the right fit for her.

“I have had people ask me if I was going to run for Mayor or Deputy Mayor,” says Amyotte.

“I have enjoyed my time on council but at the same time I don’t want to take on too much.

“I know the issues and being a business owner there’s a lot that impacts me as a resident of North Kawartha.”

Originally from Peterborugh, Amyotte graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College, which led her to her first job in the Burleigh-Anstruther area.

It was there she met her husband and the couple now own Eels Lake Cottage and Marina and Kawartha Docks.

As chair of the library board, Amyotte says one of her highlights on council was seeing the new branch of the North Kawartha Library built.

As chair of the community planning committee and town representative for Source Water Protection, Amyotte says there’s still more she would like to accomplish if re-elected.

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