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Doug Hutton running for Deputy Mayor

by Ben Clarke

With Deputy Mayor Barry Rand in the race for Mayor in the Township of North Kawartha, Doug Hutton has thrown his hat in the ring to fill the Deputy position.

Hutton is the only declared candidate for Deputy Mayor so far. He is a retired electrical engineer and council-watcher who for years wrote a column for both the Apsley Voice and the Lakefield Herald about what was happening at council meetings.

He attended those meetings for nine years. In all that time, he says he was the only member of the public who ever sat in on meetings from beginning to end.

“I was looking at the council minutes way back and I found it difficult to understand,” explains Hutton of his decision to start going to meetings.

“It wasn’t the case of trying to be a journalist it was more of a public service thing. I would often have people calling me to ask about the issues so with a few different positions becoming vacant I though I would submit my name.”

After attending so many meetings, Hutton figures it gives him a certain knowledge that would serve him well as an elected official.

After spending over 25 years with North York Hydro, Hutton has been a permanent resident of North Kawartha the past 12 years and a cottager in the area all his life.

While this will be his first kick at the can in municipal politics, Hutton has several years of volunteer experience in the community. He has volunteered with the Royal Canadian Legion, North Kawartha Library Board and also received Rotary International’s highest award for his work with battered women’s shelters and seniors in North York.

He is currently the project manager of the Apsley Winter Carnival, which runs Feb. 21 to 23.

Among the issues Hutton will be campaigning for is the environment, which he says is important to everybody, but in the case of North Kawartha, it’s arguably the only asset of the community.

“Our forests, lakes and waterways support our permanent and seasonal residents, our businesses, and our future,” says Hutton.

“North Kawartha has to determine the best ways to work with the environment without damaging it for future generations.”

Hutton says council should be an effective steward of the taxpayer’s money with the goal to maximize the benefits to the entire Township, not to any one specific group, or individual.

He also says it’s important for council to have strong representation at the County and provincial levels on matters that affect North Kawartha’s taxpayers.

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