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Selwyn receives Rural Economic Development Funding

The Honourable Jeff Leal attended Selwyn council’s Jan. 28 meeting and announced funding through the Rural Economic Development Program.

The Township adopted a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) in 2012 and in collaboration with the upper tier County of Peterborough and local organizations, committed to beautification.

The Township will engage a professional, to prepare design/construction plans, detailed concept drawings and artist renderings to visually depict public realm infrastructure in the CIP designated areas.

Through the Rural Economic Development Program the Township will receive $58,840 towards their CIP Public Realm Design project.

The Township will collaborate with the County of Peterborough where project components are located on County infrastructure.

The project will involve transforming the concepts and visions for the CIP areas into concrete plans in preparation for eventually placing features into public realm spaces.

Through the Community Improvement Plan the Township has designated four core areas for private and public realm improvements.

The Plan outlines design guidelines for public realm amenities and notes in general where improvements should take place.

Examples include the location of a gateway sign, areas for decorative street lighting and pedestrian crossings.

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