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Richard Lote running for Councillor at Large

by Ben Clarke

With an extended business background, Richard Lote is hoping he can bring his experience to municipal council.

Lote has announced his candidacy for Councillor at Large for North Kawartha and he hopes with his experience he can help continue to grow the business sector.

Originally from Toronto, Lote has been coming to Chandos Lake since the ’60s and has called it his permanent home since 2002.

With a B.Sc. in Biology and a Masters of Business Administration, Lote served with mining company Noranda before lending his business consultant skills to various other companies.

As a full-time resident of North Kawartha he now runs Trade Net International Inc., which allows him to enjoy country life while still running his business.

“I have been a North Kawartha person for a long time,” says Lote.

“Now with the Internet I can do my work online and avoid the city traffic.”

Lote has had residents ask why he hasn’t run before but he feels now is the time to step into that position.

“Being on council gives you the opportunity,” says Lote.

“I feel certain types of businesses can be attracted. In business if you put your mind to it, you can do it.”

While attracting business to North Kawartha is one of his primary focuses, Lote says keeping tax increases down and monitoring lake and environmental issues are also on his radar.

“I’ve been going around to residents and seeing what the issues are,” says Lote.

“For some they want to see change and for others they like how things are.”

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