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Jim O’Shea running in Chandos Ward 1

by Ben Clarke

After years of being asked if he will run for council, Jim O’Shea feels now is the time.

O’Shea has filed papers to run for Chandos Ward 1 Councillor in the Municipality of North Kawartha.

“I’ve been asked to run for council for years,” says O’Shea.

“I felt it was important to be there (in North Kawartha full-time) if I was going to run.”

A resident of Chandos Lake for 40 years, O’Shea has 38 years experience as an educator and he is no stranger to various boards and committees in the North Kawartha area.

He spent 14 years as president of the Chandos Lake Property Owners’ Association and 13 years working on the regional Lakeland (Environmental) Conference to name just a couple.

In 1985 he was awarded the Ontario Crime Prevention Award for developing a Chandos Lake Property Crimeproofing program that is now used on lakes throughout Ontario.

“I am particularly concerned with lake issues,” says O’Shea.

“I think it’s important we have someone on council who is sensitive to that. These days cottages are not what they used to be. I’m not against building, I just think it’s important we protect the lakes.”

O’Shea’s other priorities include minimizing tax increases through effective long-term planning, encouraging economic development and creating new job opportunities along with controlling lakefront property re-development.

“I’ve been talking to people for years so that’s nothing new,” says O’Shea with a chuckle about some of the issues.

“I haven’t officially gone knocking on doors but I am preparing my campaign and listening to the residents.”

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