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Extendicare presentation at Lakefield Menís Breakfast

by John Keith

Dawn Baldwin, Administrator at Extendicare Lakefield, was the input speaker at the regular Menís Breakfast event held monthly at Lakefield Baptist Church on Saturday, March 8.

After a hearty breakfast we learned details about the quality long term care that is available for our loved ones right here in Lakefield.

Facing the need to secure long-term care for a loved one can be a traumatic experience. Knowing how and when to begin the process leading to admission can ease the process and reduce some of the tension, especially when it is possible to have confidence in the quality of what is available.

Awareness and consultation are important, because mistakes can be made by starting the application process either too late or too early.

Admission is not directly in the hands of Extendicare. The process begins by contacting Community Care Access Centre, (C.C.A.C.,) in Peterborough.

Assessment and consultation lead to the selection of from three to five Care Facilities in the region, and these can be listed by order of preference.

Facilities are generally booked to capacity, and when a room comes open admission, managed by CCAC generally follows the sequence established on a waiting list, though crises situations are taken into consideration.

When a room comes open the person whose name is first is given the opportunity. If refused for one reason or another that name drops off the list for a period of three months then is admitted to the bottom of the list.

On the other hand, if the delay in applying is too long facilities may not be available. Well-prepared information packets are readily available for any who inquire.

Nursing care is funded by the Ministry of Health, legislated standards being adjusted from time to time. Differing rates are established for basic and for more enhanced facilities.

The Ministry also participates in the financing of care for those with limited resources. In simplest terms, the government pledge is that every Ontarian will have access to care in basic level facilities. Whether one qualifies for a subsidy is not based on ownership of a home or financial reserves, but rather on income as declared in oneís annual income tax report.

At Extendicare there are basic facilities and those which have more privacy, enhanced facilities and bathroom access.

Respite care, specialized care, and other topics were all well covered in the very helpful presentation which was very warmly received.

The session ended with a brief devotional talk by Ken, who emphasized the importance of consistency in our everyday lives. ďWe must live what we talk, even in places where we cannot talk what we live.Ē

Visitors are welcome at this breakfast which convenes at 8 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month, meeting in the hall of the Baptist Church, one block behind Canada Post.

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