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Smith-Ennismore Community Policing volunteers aim to reduce distracted driving

Smith-Ennismore Community Policing Volunteers are doing their part to cut down on distracted driving.

To support the OPP Distracted Driving Campaign Smith-Ennismore Community Policing Volunteers performed Distracted Driving and Seatbelt surveys in Bridgenorth to monitor the compliance of vehicle drivers over a span of one week.

In total, 1,804 vehicles were monitored during the survey. Of the vehicles inspected, 17 drivers were observed texting or using a cell phone and 25 were observed not wearing a seatbelt.

Smith-Ennismore Community Policing will continue to conduct such surveys in hope that they will act as a reminder to drivers.

Inattentive driving can result in a charge of Careless Driving and drivers texting, using a cellular phone or a hand held entertainment device, whether moving or stopped at an intersection, are committing the offence of Distracted Driving.

The same week, Peterborough County OPP conducted a Provincial Distracted Driving Campaign, which resulted in 214 provincial offence notices.

In total, 114 tickets were issued for speeding, 18 for distracted driving, five for seatbelt violations and four for careless driving.

Officers also attended 36 motor vehicle collisions in the same time frame, as motorists are being reminded that distracted driving has become the number one factor in motor vehicle related collision deaths.

“Please keep your eyes and attention focused on the road; that is where it needs to be all the time,” said Inspector Dom Beckett, Manager of the OPP Central Region Traffic and Marine Unit.

“Distracted driving related deaths can be reduced if drivers change their behaviour and pledge to always reach for safety and not for their phone.”

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