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LDSS Outdoor Ed students get face to face with wildlife

The Ontario Specialized Species Centre has been working with birds of prey and bats since 1987.

Over the years, managing director Chris Ketola has presented at dozens of schools while educating well over a thousand students about life cycles, adaptations, diets, habitats, and threats against hawks, falcons, owls, as well as bats such as the Egyptian fruit bat and the vampire bat.

As a registered charitable organization, the Centre is dedicated to promoting the conservation of threatened and endangered species through its educational and breeding programs.

Ketola has shared his interactive presentation at Lakefield District Secondary School every year for the past seven years.

Recently, he presented to the school’s senior outdoor education class as part of their study of biodiversity and species at risk.

The presentation was funded by the Environment Specialist High Skills Major program at LDSS which supports environmental education programming and experiences for senior high school students.

More information about the Ontario Specialized Species Centre can be found at

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