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Selwyn Township offers flood advice

A Flood Watch is currently in effect for the geographical region of the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority (ORCA).

The current seven-day forecast identifies day-time high averages of +6.5 degrees Celsius and night-time lows of -1.5 degrees Celsius.

These warmer temperatures mixed with rain predicted for today (April 4), Monday (April 7) and Thursday (April 10) are expected to generate significant snowmelt and runoff.

At this time local water systems are not expected to exceed their banks unless an ice jamming event occurs. Conditions will continue to be monitored by conservation authorities and Trent Severn Waterway Engineers.

In preparation for the warmer temperature and forecasted rain, the Township of Selwyn would like to encourage residents to consider the following actions to mitigate potential flood damage:

• Remove snow from around your foundation. Pay particular attention to the areas around window wells and doors;

• Keep the snow in your yard. Shovelling onto roads or ditches can block drains and prevent property drainage;

• Clear snow and ice from around the bottom of your downspouts and extend the downspouts so that water drains away from your foundation;

• Purchase a supply of sandbags or bagged top soil and tarps to protect low lying window wells, and door sills. Only protect necessary areas as too many bags can trap water;

• If water is getting close to your foundation, use an appropriate pump to drain it. Please use all equipment properly and follow safety guidelines;

• Move articles in a basement to higher levels to prevent water damage;

• Ensure your sump pump is in good working order and that water drains to an appropriate location;

• Ensure generators are in working condition with an appropriate fuel supply. Never use propane or outdoor appliances indoors. Carbon Monoxide kills.

For more information on flood preparedness and mitigation residents can visit the Township’s website and social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) or contact the Township office at 705-292-9507.

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