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Bell wants new telcom tower at Halls Glen

by Simon Conolly

Bell Canada plans to install a new telecommunications tower at 2095 County Road 6, near Halls Glen in Douro-Dummer Township.

The tower should be in place by this summer.

Tim Kenny of Fontur International, representing Bell, addressed Douro-Dummer council Tuesday evening.

While municipal councils have no authority to approve or deny a tower installation, they are expected to issue a letter confirming that the applicant has completed all the necessary steps.

Kenny – admitting that Bell’s cell phone service in the Township is not good – told council there is a lot of support for the new installation.

There were also a couple of objections: one from a neighbour concerned about his view of the tower; the other concerning issues of health and property values.

Kenny said the first objection had been met by moving the tower’s location on the property, so it would be screened by a stand of trees.

As to health concerns, he said the cell tower would have “very little” output, compared to that of police and fire department signals.

Councillor Shelagh Landsmann asked what causes sporadic service on cell phones. Kenny explained that a tower can handle a finite number of signals; a customer may lose connection if new calls are made from other telephones, and usually it is the unit farthest from the tower that gets bumped.

Deputy Mayor Karl Moher asked if other service providers would be able to use the tower. Kenny said they would.

“In the next 10 years, everything’s going to come that way,” Kenny said, mentioning telephone, internet and television service.

Council agreed to provide the letter.

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