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Selwyn Baha’i community elects Spiritual Assembly

The community of Bahá’ís who reside in Selwyn municipality elected their administrative council, the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, at their Annual Meeting, Sunday April 20.

The Baha’i community employs a different model in electing local and national councils, called Spiritual Assemblies.

Each year on the eve of April 21—the First day of the Ridvan Festival that marks the 1863 declaration by Bahá’u’lláh of His mission to found a new religion dedicated to uniting humanity – Baha’is in communities across the country gather to elect local Assemblies.

The spirit of these elections is unique. There are no nominations, campaigns, or promises; the electors cast their confidential vote for those nine adult Baha’is in their community they think best qualified to serve in this capacity.

What is more, the elections take place in an atmosphere of prayer and contemplation, and are motivated by a vision of service. Assemblies operate according to a consultative model that favours consensus building.

The Ridvan Festival

Commencing April 21, local area Baha’is along with their fellow Canadian Bahá’ís will celebrate their faith’s “Most Great Festival”, the Festival of Ridván.

The festival covers a 12-day period, three days of which are considered holy days: the first (April 21), ninth (April 29), and twelfth day (May 2).

On these three days Bahá’ís hold gatherings that include prayers, music, and other celebratory activities that tend to reflect the cultures and countries where they take place.

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