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Cell towers: Just how ‘safe’ is Safety Code 6?

by Simon Conolly

Safety Code 6 is the federal Ministry of Health’s regulation for cell transmission towers.

According to the Minstry website it, “...recommends limits for safe human exposure to RF electromagnetic energy. The limits established in Safety Code 6 incorporate large safety margins to provide a significant level of protection for all Canadians, including those working near RF sources.”

The Canadian Initiative to Stop Wireless, Electric And Electromagnetic Pollution website raises some concerns.

“Concerns over the health effects from wireless technology is nothing new to Canada.

“In 2003, the Vancouver School Board passed a motion to ban all future cell phone towers from school property over the potential health hazards posed to its students.

“Ontario’s Lakehead University is another educational institution that has limited Wi-Fi technology over health concerns.

“The International Firefighters Association has also placed a ban on cell phone towers from fire hall roofs, citing dozens of scientific studies showing a link to cancer and other negative biological effects.

“An increase in cell growth of brain cancer cells, changes in the protective blood-brain-barrier, increase strand breaks in DNA, childhood leukemia, changes in sleep patterns, headaches, neurodegenerative diseases, a doubling of the rate of lymphoma in mice, and changes in tumour growth in rats are just some of the findings of studies associated with the International Firefighter Association’s report on RF and EMF health risks.

“Reports of higher cancer rates among those living near cell phone towers have also surfaced in mainstream media outlets in Britain over the past few years.”

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