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Lakefield & District Lions Clubs support youth in our community

The Lakefield & District Lions Club has sponsored 16-year-old Rourke Stevenson of Lakefield to attend a Lions International Youth Camp in Italy this July.

The youth exchange program creates and fosters a spirit of understanding among young people of the world. It offers an opportunity for a short term stay in another country and exposes the youth to a different culture, a different way of life and to see the world through others eyes.

It does not involve academic studies or employment, but it does provide the invaluable experience of living with a host family to experience a way of life different from our own.

Most exchanges take place during the month of July and are four weeks in length. Most countries include camp and host family stays in their program.

The program is open to all youth between the ages of 15 and 21 and they must be sponsored by a Lions Club although there is no requirement for the youth’s family to be members of a Lions Club.

The youth must be open to accepting the customs and culture of the country they choose to visit. They will become the youth ambassador representing our community and country.

The cost varies depending upon the destination chosen. The youth is responsible for transportation costs to and from the country they are visiting, the cost of the camp (if any), insurances and spending money.

Most Lions Clubs do provide some financial assistance but are not required to do so. The assistance provided by the Lions clubs will vary depending upon the policies of the individual club.

For further information on this program please contact your local Lions Club.

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