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“Can Do”

The Lakefield Youth “Can Do” Project will bring together youth of the Lakefield area and provide them with an opportunity to participate in a program that includes capacity building and leadership skill development all while understanding the need for physical activity. The group will aid in designing a skateboard park in Isabel Morris Park in Lakefield and lay the ground for future sport/recreation program initiatives, including a potential youth sport/recreation advisory group.

Once the project is completed, the Township will have a ‘viable’ design which it will be able to forward for the eventual construction of an outdoor skateboard facility (as recommended in the Township’s 2012 Recreation Services Master Plan). This will, once completed, provide area youth with an additional opportunity to participate in physical activity.

The Township of Selwyn is looking to local community groups and organizations with ties to youth within the community to help us spread the word about this project. We ask that any interested youth, attend an information session which will provide them with more details on this project. At this information session, we look to gather a group of eight responsible and dedicated youth who have an interest in skateboarding and/or BMX biking that would like to participate in this project. They will then be able to establish a meeting schedule, with the first official meeting of the group occurring in September 2014. This way youth are left with the summer to relax, gather ideas, and hopefully explore other skateboard parks to determine their advantages and disadvantages.

This is a great opportunity for youth to get involved in their community, gain valuable skills and be apart of designing a future skateboard park in Lakefield. Anyone interested in participating in the “Can Do” project should contact Meaghan McGowan at

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