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Bert Donia seeks council seat in North Kawartha

by Rory Gilfillan

In Apsley they call him “The Chainsaw Guy” partly because of the orange suspenders he habitually wears and partly because he’s an expert at repairing small engines. It’s a skill that Bert Donia honed as a mechanic running his own business in Niagara before migrating to Apsley in 1988.

Since his arrival in Apsley Donia’s spent 14 years as volunteer firefighter, seven years as a member of the auxiliary police service and if he has his way, he will add municipal councillor to his resume when the community goes to vote on October 27.

Donia believes that the municipality should operate like a business.

“I believe that the best way to run things is efficient, lean and clean”, says Donia, whose experience as an employee and entrepreneur has influenced his political outlook.

But above all, Donia feels that the position he seeks requires commitment to people and the obligation to get the job done.

“I’m a team player and I’m not scared of work”, remarks Donia.

“The council”, he continues, “isn’t a ‘me’ thing. I aim to represent everyone. I’m not running for myself. I’m running for the people and I am willing to work for everyone in this Township”.

Three of the issues Donia hopes to tackle as a councillor are the rising cost of policing, finding ways to get citizens involved in decision-making and generating ideas to help keep young people in the community.

“There’s no jobs for young people around here”, states Donia.

Donia’s father, an employee of the Dutch railway, emigrated with his family from Holland in 1956.

“My father wanted a better future for his kids”, recalls Donia.

Donia hopes to make a similar impact on the North Kawartha community

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