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Ennismore and District Horticultural Society brings history to life

by Sarah Sullivan

The Ennismore and District Horticultural Society (EDHS) will be changing the face of the landscape in Ennismore this summer. This busy group will be hosting a Dry Stone Walling workshop the first two weekends in July. A number of Society members and community members will be participating. The workshop will be led by one of Canada’s foremost experts in this age old craft. John Shaw-Rimmington, President of Dry Stone Walling Across Canada, will be sharing his years of experience and expertise in this time honoured art form. Participants will work from 9-5, July 5 and 6 and again on July 12 and 13, to complete a replica of an old archway and accompanying walls. Once completed the EDHS will complement the structure with surrounding gardens.

Dry Stone Walling is an ancient process of erecting walls, bridges and other structures without the use of mortar. Large limestone rock will be used and is fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle, each stone supporting the other. The nooks and crannies are filled with heart, another name for small gravel and stone material. Participants have been asked to be as historically authentic in all aspects of the building process. As preliminary work begins, members of the EDHS will be removing the sod in the area that the stone archway and walls will stand.

Once completed the dry stone archway will be three feet wide, five feet high and 30’ long using 50 tonne of rock, all donated by Don Young of Young’s Aggregates. Lots of man and woman power will be needed to complete this ambitious project. The archway and walls will represent the Irish Heritage of the Ennismore Community. EDHS members hope that this structure will pay tribute to the strong and brave Irish men and women who settled this area.

The Ennismore and District Horticultural Society have plans to erect similar historical looking structures in key locations around their community. Keep your eyes on the community of Ennismore as its landscape becomes transformed. The Ennismore and District Horticultural Society invites you to stop by to see their work in progress. Be sure to watch for the creation of a beautiful garden coming this September.

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