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Richard Wagamese

by Jill Warren

While I was at the annual library conference held in Toronto this past January I attempted to attend a session called Libraries Change Lives with author and Storyteller Richard Wagamese. When I got to the room where the session was to take place I found that all the seats were filled and people were spilling out the doors. Obviously, the conference planners had underestimated the draw Wagamese would have and I was not going to be able to attend this session.

So, off I went to another session, only to return to the hallway outside the Wagamese venue to pick up my coat. As people streamed out of the room I must admit to eavesdropping on several conversations. All the comments I heard were positive with many people stating that Wagamese should have been one of the all conference plenary session speakers. Some folks were dabbing at their eyes, obviously moved by his powerful message.

I was disappointed to have missed such a powerful speaker and so Iím thrilled to be able to tell you that Richard Wagamese will be speaking at the Lakefield Literary Festival on Friday, July 16th. Wagamese is the author of 12 titles including Indian Horse and his newest novel Medicine Walk. He is the recipient of many honours including the National Aboriginal Achievement Award for Media Arts.

Wagamese will be joined by Mark Abley, author of Conversations with a Dead Man: The legacy of Duncan Campbell Scott. Scott, a renowned poet, was also the man who proposed and implemented Canadaís system of residential schools for First Nations children.

The Friday night session, which will be moderated by David Newhouse, Chair of the Indigenous Studies Department at Trent University, begins at 8 p.m. and tickets are still available. Visit for ticket information.

Whether you plan to attend the Friday night session or not you can pick up books by Wagamese and Abley at your public library - some are even available in eBook format!

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