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Judo demonstration educates students at Ridpath School

Sensei Tom Hino’s Junior students showed fellow classmates their achievements and skills on June 20 at Ridpath Public School.

The Trent Judo Club is a community club that operates at the Athletics Centre at Trent University and is run by Sensei Tom Hino and managed by Eric Guy and Paul Teleki. The club has experienced increased growth and support from the community with both Junior and Senior class registrations as well as shown their skills by earning gold, silver and bronze from across Ontario.

Sensei Hino has been running voluntary lessons through Crestwood Public School for a number of years. This time, Tom and his crew are working with Ridpath Public School to show students how junior students can build strength, confidence and respect through Judo. But most of all, that Judo is a lot of fun!

Please contact Sensei Tom Hino at 705-876-1784 or to learn more about the club and to set up a time to visit the club. The Trent Judo Club invites young people to their summer junior classes which continue through to July and August.

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