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Buckhorn rink roof paid off

Peter Clarkson of the Buckhorn Sports Pad appeared before Trent Lakes council on Tuesday bearing great news. The loan to pay for the roof over the rink in Buckhorn has been paid in full. The amount owing as of December 31, 2013 was $50,965.47 and a payment was made to the Township to the tune of $57,331.85.

With the mortgage being paid off, Clarkson had requested that some other work be completed at the sports pad. The request included a fence to protect people and property from the ball diamond, video surveillance cameras, install security lighting and exit signs, replace 3/4 stone with screening and replace the thermostat in the warming room with a censored model.

Council discussed the situation and decided that the fence should be installed for liability reasons. The quote to install the fence was $4,500 which could be taken from the surplus of fundraising. It was also specified that the fence could not be installed without consent of the Buckhorn Community Centre as it sits on their property.

A mortgage burning ceremony will take place at the Community Centre on Sunday, June 29 from noon to 2 p.m.

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