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Start thinking inside the box

by Lily Hamill

Itís time to start thinking in the boxÖthe blue box that is!

Recent waste audits in the County of Peterborough have found that there is still a lot of recyclable paper being found in the garbage. Things like: tissue boxes, magazines, toilet paper rolls, and even office paper arenít getting recycled.

Items used outside the kitchen are the common culprits, for example paper used in bathrooms and offices arenít as likely to be recycled. Placing a small blue box in these areas, like our new Blue in the Loo basket for the bathroom, can help ensure these items get recycled. It may not seem like a lot, but a two person household can easily use an average of 3 rolls of toilet paper a week, thatís 156 per year! Thatís over 300 in a 4 or 5 person home.

Please remember tissues and paper towels are not recyclable, please reduce their use and place in the garbage.

For more information contact the County of Peterborough at 705-775-2737, or visit

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