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Bev Matthews is running for Mayor in Trent Lakes

Matthews has been on Council for a total of 20 years and says it is time to step up. “I have been encouraged by many of my supporters to make the move and I’m happy to make that choice. I enjoy being on council; I love the debates and to me it is just common sense when it comes to decision making. I take great satisfaction in helping the residents of Trent Lakes. I am proud of all the accomplishments that have taken place with this council. I enjoy progress but sometimes things moved a little too fast and personally I prefer a slower pace with more thought.”

“Controlling costs will be an ongoing issue this next term with hydro, propane, policing, and waste management. Council has to prioritize when it comes to expenditures to make day-to-day living affordable for residents. We also need to make decisions that will make the future a better place for our kids and grandchildren. We are on the edge of some important development that only comes once in a lifetime.”

Matthews would like to see tighter by-law enforcement when it comes to property standards, noise, signs, litter and other issues that make day-to-day living uncomfortable for some residents. We have hired a by-law enforcement person to solve these ongoing problems. It has been a long time coming but I feel we are on the right track.

“Trent Lakes is embarking on a Community Improvement Plan and I would like public consultation throughout this process, many heads are better than one.”

“Quarries will continue to be an issue in our municipality but having a haul route next to residential homes is not the way to go. When you live on a highway you have to expect a variety of traffic but not on municipal roads. The province knows long before we do when potential new quarries are doing studies. I want the province to be more transparent and inform council so that we can inform our residents. I would like to see an aggregate resource committee formed with both sides participating with a council member.”

Over her 20 years on Council Matthews has served on many committees and this term has been chair of the water committee, vice chair of economic development, council liaison for the Buckhorn Community Centre, Buckhorn Regional Health Centre and the Buckhorn District Tourist Association, member of the Nogies Creek Cemetery Board and Community Policing. Also, Matthews was on the Big Bald Lake Planning Committee and is still a member of the Stoney Lake Environment Council (Stoney Lake Planning Committee).

Matthews was an avid supporter of PLEA (Pigeon Lake Environmental Association) when it existed and did a TVO show on the proliferation of severances that were taking place on Pigeon Lake back in the 90’s. She is currently working with the Kawartha Land Trust and the North Pigeon Lake Ratepayers’ Association to preserve Boyd Island. “We have a beautiful municipality and I will do my best to work with other members of council to develop Trent Lakes to its fullest potential.”

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