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Stewardship Youth Rangers help restore Isabel Morris Park

Otonabee Conservation is pleased to host a Stewardship Youth Rangers Team as they take on the task of riparian buffer maintenance at Isabel Morris Park. The Team will was on-site last Thursday.

“The goal of the Stewardship Youth Rangers (SYR) Program is to provide community-based work experience, personal development and skills training for youth who want to expand their commitment to natural resource stewardship,” explains Meredith Carter, Manager of Environmental and Technical Services for Otonabee Conservation.

Carter explains that the Rangers’ involvement at Isabel Morris Park supports the goal of the SYR Program and the value of maintaining healthy shorelines. “Working in cooperation with Otonabee Conservation, the Township of Selwyn, the Lakefield and District Horticultural Society and the Lakefield Trail Committee, the Team will learn about the importance of native plant species and the variety of habitat features included in the shoreline restoration and riparian buffer areas.

The riparian buffer was established at Isabel Morris Park in 2012 to enhance habitat and protect water quality. The Park is located in the vicinity of the surface water intake for the Lakefield drinking water supply and a popular public beach.

The Stewardship Youth Rangers Program is a program of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. Stewardship Youth Ranger teams consist of one team lead and four rangers. Team members live at home and report to a central work location each day for eight weeks in the summer. The teams travel around the local area working on natural resources management projects and participate in educational activities.

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