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Kawartha Outdoor Gallery unveils its first mural

We are excited to announce the ongoing expansion of the Kawarthas Outdoor Gallery with the introduction of the latest community mural project at the 37th annual Buckhorn Fine Art Festival.

Winters Call by Ernie Cselko was selected to be painted by mural artist, Cliff Smith.

This is the second mural of what is slated to be an extensive and dramatic themed collection of world-class outdoor murals strategically placed throughout the Kawarthas region; and perfectly timed with Mural #1’s placement on the grounds of Lock 31 of the Trent Severn waterways in Buckhorn last Wednesday.

Our vision is for a unique regional “Canadian Art Experience” that will utilize a variety of innovative, culturally inclusive and scalable community mural projects, mural festivals and community outreach collaborations; integrated with existing celebrations or implemented as a stand alone event.

Instead of “re-inventing the wheel” we are reaching out to many of the already successful events and attractions such as the Lakefield Jazz and Art Festival, Bobcaygeon Art Festival at Settler’s Village, Kawartha Arts Festival in Fenelon Falls, Curve Lake Art Festival and Pow Wow, Peterborough and Lindsay Art Galleries, Chambers of Commerce, BIA’s and Tourism Associations, Parks Canada and Trent-Severn Waterway, and many other individual businesses.

Current discussions with several of these organizations and individuals have garnered a very positive response; and we are well on the way to enlisting more communities, and stakeholders in the project as we move forward.

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