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Special Family Day at Hope Mill

The historic Hope Mill will host a special Family Day on Sunday, August 24 featuring log sawing and finishing demonstrations and woodworking projects especially for children. Everyone is welcome to attend between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

A visit to the Hope Mill is a truly unique experience. The energy of the water from the Indian River powers the log carriage and circular saw, cutting logs of various sizes into lumber. Visitors can also watch specialized lumber finishing equipment, including a 150-year old lathe, in action. The upper level rooms exhibit an 1830’s family living area and original carding and fulling equipment in the Wool Room.

The Hope Mill also features an impressive collection of 19th century woodworking tools, complete with descriptive explanations. The children’s workshop area is a welcome addition to the Hope Mill, where children can learn how to make trivets, finish cutting boards and carve wooden spoons.

The solar-powered kiln - designed and constructed by the Hope Mill Volunteers - dries the sawn lumber. Lumber that has been drying in the kiln will be available for sale. Custom sawing services are provided by the Hope Mill Volunteers (please inquire in advance or on the day). The Hope Mill has an inventory of kiln-dried lumber including white cedar, birch, ash and basswood.

The special Family Day is a free event; donations in support of the Hope Mill will be gratefully appreciated. Visitors to the Hope Mill are encouraged to bring their lunch and refreshments and enjoy the demonstrations and children’s activities and the picturesque setting along the Indian River.

The Hope Mill is located on the banks of the Indian River at 3414 Hope Mill Road, just north of Lang Village. For details please visit the website at

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