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Lakefield Singers, just for the fun of it

Lakefield Singers is a community singing chorus founded four years ago in the village of Lakefield. The group invites persons of all ages and provides music for all tastes. Janice Wuerch, founding member, says that the Lakefield Singers started four years ago evolving out of a programme at The Learning Source. When she called to register she was told that it was full. She asked if they might consider starting a second choir in Lakefield if there were sufficient numbers.

The group secured a Musical Director and Wuerch went to work emailing and contacting all those she thought might be interested. Wuerch stated that this group creates an opportunity for people who love to sing, to get together on a regular basis and make music, but it is much more than that. Itís important to make time to do something for ourselves: take time to connect with others, learn something new (exercising our brain, as we know, is so very important), and have fun! Singing is a great stress buster and it is very therapeutic and good for us on so many levels (physically, emotionally, spiritually).Whether a choir member is from Lakefield or the surrounding area, there is a real sense of community in this choir and a sense of belonging to a group of folks who are supportive and caring.

The Musical Director is Linda Clark, an accomplished musician who relates to a variety of forms of music. A noted concert pianist and choir director, Clark provides an educational, yet fun and comfortable environment where no one minds if you sing a little out of key or canít read music quickly. Itís all about connecting with others. The fact that we create beautiful music is a bonus.

At present the Lakefield Singers average about 15 singers, all from varying musical backgrounds and locations.

Mary joined because she wanted a night out. She found a great sense of camaraderie and everyone was encouraged to get to know one another. Gail has always loved singing and music and in retirement found that Lakefield Singers was just the right mix.

The Lakefield Singers are a special singing group because they are grass-roots. They are independent and democratic, soliciting opinions and leadership from members: types of music, where to sing, when to sing and if to sing! Our Musical Director Linda S. Clark is talented, engaging and non threatening and as Janice says, seems to be able to make the motliest crew sing in four part harmony and sound great! Each time the choir meets we know at the end of the evening weíll feel more relaxed, less stressed, stimulated and connected to others who care about us and what we are doing in our lives outside of choir. Itís a wonderful group to belong to. If this is the year for you to enjoy singing and the sound of music, meet us at Ridpath School, Lakefield, Wednesday, September 24, 6:45 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.

For more information about the group contact Georgia at, 705-652-8861 or Gail at, phone 705-652-7892.

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