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New LED street lights for Douro-Dummer

New light-emitting diode (LED) streetlights will soon begin generating significant savings of 74 per cent in streetlight energy costs and 75 per cent in streetlight energy consumption for the Township of Douro-Dummer after their installation which begins this week. The upgrade is one of the many cost-savings and energy-efficient initiatives set by the Township’s Energy Management Plan to reduce energy consumption and improve their environmental footprint.

Douro-Dummer chose RealTerm Energy and Local Authority Services (LAS) to lead the project. “Having LAS and RealTerm Energy involved has been a great asset in that they had already done all the preparatory work on finding a suitable supplier for the new streetlights and had the expertise to move forward with this project. RealTerm Energy was also very instrumental in facilitating the approval of grants from Hydro One to assist with the upgrade costs,” explained David Clifford, Chief Administrative Officer.

The aging infrastructure and maintenance costs were determinant. “Our existing streetlights were installed in the 1980’s and had become a high maintenance item in our budget,” continued Mr. Clifford.

LED streetlights last three to five times longer than existing streetlights, reducing maintenance costs up to 80 per cent. LED fixtures also provide a more targeted light to streets and roadways that improve visibility and safety, and help reduce light pollution.

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