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Fire at McDonald's

November 03, 2017




On Monday morning (October 30) patrons of the McDonald’s Restaurant on Bridge Street in Lakefield found the establishment closed.

The Selwyn Fire Department had been called out to a fire at the location on Sunday, October 29 at approximately 9:00 p.m.

Thanks to the quick actions of the manager and crewman Brittany and Alex (respectively) no one was injured.

When a fitting that attaches the gas line to the grill failed, causing a leak, the gas immediately ignited, setting the kitchen area on fire. Staff kept the blaze contained with fire extinguishers and evacuated all personnel and customers.

Once the building was empty, the McDonald’s employees closed the restaurant and called 911.

Owner James Campbell said he was proud of the bravery and quick thinking of his staff. “No one was injured thanks to Brittany and Alex, who got everyone out safely,” said Campbell.

According to the owner, last names are not used in the restaurant and so were not provided.

Campbell said that Selwyn Fire Prevention Officer, Howard Jinkerson did a great job talking to his staff and spent much of Monday morning on site offering suggestions on ways to improve fire safety.

Mr. Campbell said he was thankful for the professionalism of the Selwyn Fire Department and to Jinkerson, who “was so good with our people.”

As a result of the fire the grill and fryer need to be replaced as do all the paper products and food.

Management is not going to take any chances and so will replace everything.

 Mr. Campbell said that they are also going to take this opportunity to give the restaurant a face lift.

The establishment is expected to be open on Wednesday, November 8.

James Campbell said “we cannot wait to start serving our customers again.”

There were no reports on damage estimates at this time.