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Friday, January 20, 2017


Canadian Publications Agreement No. 40727545

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Olympic Bronze Medalist, Hannah Darling in her hometown of Warsaw Ontario

Terry McQuitty

Mathew and Riley Tindill along with Hudson Hammond of Selwyn enjoyed a beautiful Sunday afternoon skating at the Ontario Speed Skating Oval in Lakefield. The Oval offers public skating every Sunday (weather and ice conditions permitting). The Oval will also be the venue for the Candlelight Skate and the Nordic Day which will take place during PolarFest on February 4. For the most up to date PolarFest information visit More pictures here.


Emergency workers kept busy on Stoney Lake

by terry gillis

Members of the Peterborough County Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and emergency crews were called to the Hell’s Gate area of Stoney Lake on January 11, 2017, shortly before 5:30 p.m. to assist a snowmobiler who had gone through the ice.

A pair of snowmobile riders encountered open water on Stoney Lake. One rider made it across the open section to a nearby island but the second rider disappeared under the water. After calling 911, the first rider entered the water in an unsuccessful attempt to rescue his friend.

Responding emergency workers from the OPP and Selwyn Fire Services were hampered in their rescue attempts by thin ice. A helicopter from Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC Trenton) was successful in rescuing the first rider. A 47-year old male from Douro-Dummer Township, and was flown by JRCC directly to PRHC  for treatment of injuries related to cold water exposure.

The snowmobiler who disappeared under the water is a 51-year old male also from Douro-Dummer Township. The man’s body was recovered late Thursday afternoon.

On January 12, 2017 OPP members from the Underwater Search and Recovery Unit (USRU) assisted in the search for the missing snowmobiler.

OPP Const. Jason Folz said that the Selwyn firefighters had headed into the area on foot, pulling a sleigh and equipment, to retrieve the body. He said it was a twenty-five minute walk without equipment and expected it would take the firefighters some time to return.

The deceased snowmobiler was identified as Jerry Douglas Eadie (age 51) of Douro-Dummer Township. The rescued rider’s identity has not yet been released.

Selwyn Township to discuss building permit fee increases

by terry gillis

On January 17, 2017 the Township of Selwyn posted notification on their website that the municipality proposes to update its By-law to change the fees for the applications for a building permit. The issue will be discussed at the regular Council meeting scheduled on February 14, 2017 at 5:30 PM, Council Chambers, 1310 Centre Line.

In accordance with Section 7 of the Ontario Building Code Act (BCA) the Municipality may pass by-laws requiring the payment of fees on applications for issuance of permits and prescribing the amounts thereof.

The legislation requires that the total amount of the fees must not exceed the anticipated reasonable costs of the Township to administer and enforce the Act in their area of jurisdiction.

The Township has the right to one hundred percent recovery of all costs, direct and indirect, associated with the administration of the requirements of the BCA. The municipality is permitted to collect a surplus of fees to set aside in a reserve fund to cover shortfalls in income during leaner years. The regulation requires that the Township provide a rationale for imposing or changing a Building Permit related fee. In the Building By-law 2017 Fee Increase Rationale report to come forward to Council on February 14, it is noted that the Building Department’s only source of revenue is permit fees collected for various classes of permits. The fees are tied directly to the value of construction; consequently, the department’s revenues fluctuate based upon construction activity.

In January of 2014, Council passed a new Building By-law (2014-008) which approved of the following permit fee increases: 6% in 2014, 4% in 2015 and 4% in 2016. This raised the Township’s permit fees from $12.50 per $1,000.00 of estimated construction value to $14.25. In addition, the By-law contains a provision which contemplates yearly increases beyond 2016 tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of Ontario.

The recommendation is to proceed with the CPI increase as contemplated in the current By-law, which equates to an increase  in the permit fee of $0.30 ($14.55 per $1,000.00).

Information related to this issue is available at no cost upon request. Any questions related to this matter can be directed to Robert Lamarre 705-292-9507 or via email at


Region recognized as Leader in sustainability education

Peterborough-Kawarthas-Haliburton has been designated as a Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainable Development by the United Nations University as endorsed by UNESCO. The RCE initiative recognizes regions from around the world that demonstrate leadership in addressing complex sustainability challenges, and works to network these communities internationally to support even greater innovation and collaboration.

Our region was selected through a juried review process by the Ubuntu Committee of Peers, and was among only a few to receive the prestigious designation. This is a true testament to the leadership and commitment to sustainability demonstrated across this region. In addition to Toronto and Sudbury, Peterborough-Kawarthas-Haliburton is only the third RCE to be designated in the province, and the eighth in Canada. There are 150 RCEs globally.

A diverse partnership that included academic institutions, governments and government agencies, private sector partnerships, and NGOs came together to support the development of our region’s RCE application. (Please see the list of partners and quotes from community leaders attached.) The success of this application speaks to our long history of transformative and collaborative education to achieve local and global sustainability goals. Our application identified five long-term objectives that will guide the work of the local RCE network moving forward. These include:

• To recognize the vital importance of Indigenous Knowledge systems as they engage across all curricula

• To implement age-appropriate sustainability and stewardship education frameworks from pre-school to secondary school, in both formal and informal settings

•  To build strong bridges between school curriculum and the spectrum of programs offered at Trent University and Fleming College

• To link post-secondary programs and community-based training programs to green jobs, research, and innovation in the region, and

• To develop reciprocal exchanges of sustainability knowledge and practice between residents within the region and with communities across the globe

While the work of this newly established RCE network lies before us, this designation will serve as a meaningful platform and catalyst for deeper partnerships and sustained collaborative action. A formal program launch and celebration is being planned for May 2017, with more details to be shared in the coming months.

Unheralded the documentary

"Unheralded" chronicles a week in the life of "The Lakefield Herald", a local newspaper published in Lakefield, Ontario. Whether writing about dog shows and 100th birthdays, or telling stories of citizen opposition and community loss - local news reporters have a difficult job, especially when the readers are their neighbours. "Unheralded" is an NFB-TVO Calling Card production.