Jack Nigro, Superintendent of KPR appeared as a Delegation at the February 14 Selwyn council meeting at the request of Council.

Mr. Nigro began his presentation by stating that he was there to update Council on the “goings on with our new Lakefield elementary school.”

Almost verbatim, Mr. Nigro reiterated that thanks to the six million plus dollar funding announcements from the Ministry of Education, KPR was creating one of the most  unique elementary school in their board. He listed all the advantages of the new school, including the ability to retain grade seven and eight French Immersion, maintaining a strong Curve Lake First Nation presence within the local educational community, enabling access to students of a large gym, library and multi-purpose space, and providing elementary students with a dedicated music room.

During his presentation, Nigro announced that last Thursday “they” met as an Ad Hoc naming committee to discuss possible names for the new school. Overall, 162 submissions were made to the board. Next Thursday (February 23) a report will be going to the Board with a recommended name. Superinentendant Nigro said that he was not able to share the name because the report has not yet been made public.

Nigro touched on community use and partnerships. He stated that they “plan to accommodate all of the community activities that previously took place in Lakefield and Ridpath schools.” However he informed Council that, “given the tight summer construction schedule, we may need to relocate some of those activities to Ridpath for the summer.” “We’ll be working with groups individually to make sure this happens in a smooth manner,” he continued.