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Low levels lifted

Level two low water conditions have been lifted.

ReLeaf Program

ReLeaf Program 150 has been launched.

No Parking By-law

No Parking By-law not popular with all Bridgenorth residents.


Friday, April 28, 2017


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Check out our Mature Living feature in the Apr. 28 edition of the Lakefield Herald

Terry McQuitty

Gord Evans along with Selwyn Parks and Recreation Manager Mike Richards were just a couple of the volunteers who helped work on the Lakefield Trail on Saturday morning. Saturday`s work day coincided with Earth Day. The next effort will take place on May 13 when volunteers will help with the gardens along the Lakefield Trail. More pictures here.


James A. Gifford Causeway Update

by terry gillis

Mr. Peter Neilson from the County of Peterborough was in the Selwyn Council Chambers on Tuesday to give Council and the public an update on the James A. Gifford Causeway repairs.

As a result of the Environmental Assessment (EA) done on the Causeway in 2013 - 2014 the County developed a Pre-loading Contract to begin the process of stabilizing the slope erosion and widening the platform for future lane additions.

The EA determined that the number one priority for the ten year project is to construct a 2m sidewalk and lighting of the Causeway on the north side, create a 3m wide shoulder on the south side and add a 4m extension of rock fill along the south side to surcharge for future 4-laning.



No further discussions with Kawartha Pine Ridge

by terry gillis

At the Tuesday night Selwyn Council meeting, Lakefield resident and business owner Dick Crawford appeared as a delegate, accompanied by several community members, to implore Council to “pursue direct discussions with the school board to cause the building to be repurposed for community needs and that the demolition be put on hold for one year.”

Initially, Mr. Crawford sent a letter to Council requesting a delegation in order to propose that Council “use their power to issue a court injunction to issue a stay in the demolishing the building,” however, during his ten minute delegation, Mr. Crawford stated that after communications with several lawyers, including the Municipality’s lawyer, who informed him that it would be difficult for the township to do so.

Mr. Crawford also considered asking the Township to delay the issuance of a demolition permit. Lawyers advised Mr. Crawford that the Township does not have the right to delay or deny the KPR (Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board) a permit.

Rob Lamarre, Manager of Building and Planning explained that as long as the Township receives a completed application, they are mandated by legislation to issue the demolition permit.

Following Mr. Crawford’s presentation, Angela Chittick, Manager of Community & Corporate Services/Clerk read a letter received by Julie Chatten, Chair of  the Ridpath and LDIS School Board. Ms. Chatten commented on the affects a one year delay would have on the students and further add to the stress the students and teachers are already dealing with.

Deputy Mayor Senis said that throughout the entire Accommodation Review Process and now the demolition of the intermediate school, it has been difficult on the students, and like KPR, the community and the LDISS is Open Committee have been emphasizing over these past months, the students should always be the top priority. And with that in mind, the issue should be put to rest. She told Mr. Crawford that the Township and the community pulled together to save the building. It’s now over. She told Mr. Crawford that, “that ship has sailed. It’s time to put this to rest. Our time will be better spent looking at uses for Ridpath when it’s empty”.



Local Lions invent new lobster cooker

by terry gillis

The Lions Clubs of Lakefield have been holding a very popular fundraiser and community get-together each June for the past seven years. They have been serving up lobster dinners to approximately five hundred people every June.

For the past number of years, the Lions’ lobster chefs have been trying to figure out a way to ensure that all lobsters are boiled at the right temperature and for the proper time with the least amount of man hours. Two Lions have been working on the problem.

Then, at the Lakefield Lions’ meeting on April 20, a newly designed lobster steamer, built by John Dunford and George Payton was unveiled. The steamers are designed by a local Lakefield resident and the burner units came from California.

The new steamers will be showcased at this year’s LobsterFest in June.


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