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Hydroelectric Dams

Three hydroelectric projects cancelled in Selwyn.

Award winning author

Lawrence Hill spoke at the Buckhorn Community Centre

Lakefield Fair July 27-29

Find out what's happening this your at the Lakefield Fair

 Friday, July 20, 2018 $1.25 Canadian Publications Agreement No. 40727545
Covering the East Kawarthas

Due to dry weather, there is a total fire ban in effect for most of Peterborough County



Due to dry weather, there is a total fire ban in effect for most of Peterborough County

Terry Gillis

Helen Batten opened the children’s Literary Festival event on Saturday morning. Authors Patricia Storms and Aviaq Johnston entertained dozens of children and even more adults between spurts of rain as they read their  books, Pirate and the Penguin and What’s my Superpower, respectively. While children were listening intently in Cenotaph Park, Lakefield Literary Festival events were happening throughout the village. Go here for more photos.

Galway depot to be repurposed

by Terry Gillis


Following years of discussion, months of debate and hundreds of thousands of dollars in consultations over a centralized public works depot, on Tuesday, July 17, Trent Lakes Council decided to go ahead with repairs to the Galway Depot and to use the depot as a winter shelter for the 2018/2019 winter season.


At the June 19, 2018 Regular Meeting of Council, Council received a report from the Deputy Clerk/Purchasing Coordinator which outlined the bid submissions for the demolition of the Galway Depot.


During that meeting, both Councillor Lambshead and Deputy Mayor Windover questioned whether they (Council) had decided to move forward with the demolition of the Galway depot. because he didn’t remember “deciding that that was our only option.


Then CAO, O’Neill-Jackson commented that she knew that the direction (to demolish Galway depot) was given and that Councillor Raymond made that motion previously.” The CAO then read out that at the April 17 meeting, it was noted that further quotes were being obtained for the demolition of Galway Depot, “and I know that there was a resolution of council to that effect,” said O’Neill-Jackson.




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The new Buckhorn Park has a name



Four out of five Trent Lakes Council members liked the name for the new park in Buckhorn put forward by the  Economic Development Committee at Tuesday’s council meeting.


Planning Technician Adele Arbour, in her report, Buckhorn Park Name and Sign, noted that Skelton Brumwell and Associates (SBA) were retained by the Municipality of Trent Lakes to provide a Greenspace/Streetscape Design Plan for the downtown core of Buckhorn. A part of their process was a consultation with Curve Lake First Nation. Skelton Brumwell reported that the area of Buckhorn held both ancestral historical and cultural significance to the Anishnaabeg nation.


At the Economic Development Committee meeting of June 28th the Committee reviewed all of the received suggestions for a park name and unanimously agreed to put forward the suggestion of the name Ode’naang Park. It is a combined wording in Anishinaabemowin, the language of the traditional people of our region.





Galway depot to be repurposed

Local Stoney Lake resident and Lakefield Foodland employee a hero

Three hydroelectric projects in Selwyn cancelled

Restrictions at Warsaw Caves, Selwyn Beach Conservation areas

Local residents celebrate quarry victory

Juniper Island Art Festival read to go for 2018

Ennismore Shamrock Festival Truck & Tractor Pull

Charlotte Street

The new Buckhorn Park has a name

Otonabee Conservation monitoring low water conditions

Free Homeguard Inspection Program could prevent break-in

BEL Rotary voluntary toll a huge success

Prevent forest fires

Tick Talk: be aware of Lyme Disease

Get your nature dose at Ontario Parks on July 20

The Book of Negros' author, Lawrence Hill in Buckhorn

Annual Lakefield Literary Festival weekend coverage


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The Book of Negros' author, Lawrence Hill in Buckhorn

Thanks to the passion, persistence and persuasion skills of 16 (now 17) year old Jaime Donofrio, ‘The Book of Negros’ author, Lawrence Hill spent the lunch hour on Tuesday afternoon with six companions at a Buckhorn restaurant chatting about his most current book, The Illegal and discussing the pressing issues of our time, including race and discrimination, the movement of refugees across borders and the political battle to define who belongs and who is “an illegal.”


Jaime Donofrio, a summer employee at the Buckhorn Public Library began writing to Lawrence Hill in the fall of 2017 requesting that he come to the little hamlet nestled within the the beautiful Kawarthas. Mr. Hill said the Miss Donofrio’s letters were so well written and passionate that he couldn’t say no.


Lawrence Hill is the son of American immigrants — a black father and a white mother — who came to Canada the day after they married in 1953 in Washington, D.C. On his father’s side, Hill’s grandfather and great grandfather were ministers of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. His mother came from a Republican family in Oak Park, Illinois, graduated from Oberlin College and went on to become a civil rights activist in D.C.



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Unheralded the documentary

Dam 25 Community Liaison Committee


The minutes of the June 20, 2017 Dam 25 Community Liaison Committee meeting are posted on the project website at should you, or any of your neighbours/colleagues wish to see them.