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Friday, October 9, 2015



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by terry mcquitty


Candidates in the October 19 Federal Election had a chance to elaborate on their platforms at the All Candidates Meeting held at the Lakefield Legion Branch 77 last Wednesday evening. The event was hosted by the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce and Tourism and attracted 135 interested constituents.

The moderator for the meeting was local author and educator John Boyko. The format consisted of questions submitted by the public for the first hour and candidates were given two minutes to respond to questions with the person whom the question was directed received an extra minute to sum up after the other candidates finished.

The second hour of the meeting saw questions asked from the audience. During this segment the candidates were given one minute to respond.

Candidates in attendance were Toban Leckie from the Strength in Democracy Party, Maryam Monsef representing the Liberal Party, Dave Nickle from the NDP and Michael Skinner representing the Conservatives. Absent from the meeting was Doug Mason from the Green Party who sent his regrets due to a family commitment.



Pictured above:  Toban Leckie, Maryam Monsef, Dave Nickle and Michael Skinner took part in the all candidates meeting hosted by The Kawartha Chamber of Commerce and Tourism at the Lakefield Legion last Wednesday. John Boyko was the moderator.

by terry gillis


On Wednesday night (Sept. 30) the Bridgenorth Library and Community Centre was the location for what was expected to be a heated debate over water and sewer infrastructure. A full house came expecting to exchange opinions, ideas and suggestions, but was  instead presented with three guest speakers  who had been invited with the purpose of providing the community with information. It was emphasized from the beginning that the evening was to be an information session, not an arena for argument.

The evening was organized by the Bridgenorth Business Association. Refreshments (tea, coffee and light snacks) were provided. However, ironically, when someone asked if water was available, they were told “you can’t drink the water at the library.”

The first speaker, Trent Lakes Mayor Bev Matthews, discussed her municipality’s efforts and investigations into bringing water and sewer to the community. After a brief outline of the water and sewer systems currently in place in two residential areas of Buckhorn, and the findings of a rudimentary report commissioned to explore the costs of undertaking a large-scale municipal project (which was roughly $6 million plus HST for 50 units for stage one of two), a few members of the audience angrily began firing questions at Mayor Matthews about the financial figures she had provided for reference purposes only.


by Danielle Dunford


With the threat of Lakefield District Intermediate & Secondary School (LDISS) closing, many students have strong feelings about the subject and were more than willing to comment.

“I’m really upset that the school could be shutting down,” said Grade 12 student Riley Archer. “It’s been open for so long and so many generations of people have passed through here. It’s a huge part of Lakefield and I think future generations deserve to be taught here, too.”

Some students do not agree with Archer, like Rachel York, who is also a Grade 12 student. “The school used to be really great, but the enrolment has been small lately,” said York. “Our school doesn’t offer many courses that students need or want. I think it’s upsetting that the school could be shutting down, but it’s time. Students deserve a school where they can take interesting and important courses, and our school can’t offer that for them anymore.”

Grade 12 student Leola Banks said, “This will be my fifth school closure now, and since I’m not graduating this year, it’s really upsetting to hear that the school could be closing and I’m going to have to go to my eighth school.”

The Board of Trustees will decide the fate of the school in February or March of 2016.

by terry gillis


On Sept. 30, St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Douro, was once again adorned with the requisite cross atop its bell tower.

The church had been without a cross since December 5, 2014 when at that time, the original, which is believed to be more than 100 years old, had to be taken down due to safety concerns as a result of  its poor condition.

After morning mass, Wednesday, The new priest at St. Joseph’s, Father Seshaiah, performed a blessing of the cross that Walsh’s Welding, of Lindsay, had been commissioned to make.

Shortly after noon, amidst gusting winds and bright skies, a small crowd of parishioners and curious onlookers gathered to watch two cranes and a contracting crew raise and install the cross.

After approximately two hours, the cross replacement project, that had begun before Father Seshaiah took over for the  previous pastor, Father Rick, in June of this year, was completed. The project which had taken nearly ten months, and more than $10,000 came to an end with little fanfare and no glitches.

County Council passed By-law No. 2014-57, being a by-law to allow for relief of a residential tax increase in 2015, 2016 or 2017 for Low Income Seniors and Low Income Persons with Disabilities.

Applications and evidence of benefits being received under the Family Benefits Act, the Ontario Disability Support Program Act, 1997 and/or the Old Age Security Act (Canada) or Canadian Pension Plan Disabilities Pension may be filed by eligible individuals with the Treasurer of your local municipality by November 15th, 2015 for tax relief in 2015; by November 15th, 2016 for tax relief in 2016; and by November 15th, 2017 for tax relief in 2017.  Eligible property owners are entitled to a grant provided that the said tax increase for any single year exceeds $50.00 to a maximum relief of up to $200.00 in any given year, which the Municipal Treasurer may approve or deny.




Celebrate your Library!

October 18-24, 2015


Ontario Public Library Week is a chance for all Ontarians to celebrate their local public libraries, their staff and volunteers, and their patrons.  The theme for 2015 is “Celebrate your library!” The Selwyn Public Library is celebrating with some exciting special events!



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