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Friday, August 28, 2015



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by Vanessa Stark

We all know the sights: corn signs, bright red tomatoes, green beans and basically any other vegetable or fruit known to grow in this part of Ontario.

When you stop by a local produce stand, you’re not just buying cheap vegetables for yourself, but rather you are helping a family make a living.

John Sikma, of Sikma’s Farm Market, makes his living as a farmer.

Now in its third generation, the Simka’s Market was established in 1965.

It is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays from mid July until the end of October.

Although a large portion of their business comes from cottagers, most of the business at the Sikma Market is from local residents throughout the week.

“I love gardening and growing. It’s nice to hear when people are appreciative of the product you’ve produced.”  Sikma says about his job.



John Sikma and his son Sam worked at their family owned produce stand located on Hwy. 29 and Buckhorn Road on Tuesday afternoon.

This summer has brought enough rain and sunshine to draw the very best in lush green growth, colour and fragrance from country and city gardens alike. There is no doubt that as these seemingly endless summer days draw to a close we would all love to see those gardens flourish just a little longer. But fall will soon be upon us and as always nature will have its way.  Fortunately, with broad stokes of the pallet knife, brushes and splashing of rich, vibrant colour, spring and summer gardens will live on in full bloom  at Gallery On The Lake in Buckhorn, when the gallery presents a special collection of  paintings by artist, Andrew Neil Olscher.

The exhibit will feature Olscher’s signature, colourful, impasto gardens, and floral themed expressionistic paintings which the artist, who lives just north of Havelock, calls “Ecoscapes”.



In November of 2014, Peterborough Police Service Constable Stephen Cox attended an address in Lakefield and spoke with a 12 year old girl who was being extorted through an online app for nude images by an adult male.

Detective Ryan Wilson of the Peterborough Police Service conducted follow-up and obtained a suspect’s IP address by means of a Production Order and determined that the suspect resided in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The reports of Constable Cox and Detective Wilson were forwarded to the Department of Homeland Security in Ottawa and eventually to the Baton Rouge field office.

The District Attorney in the State of Louisiana advised our Service that because of our investigation a warrant was executed in Louisiana where at least four other victims were identified in various locations across the United States.



Trent University is among Canada’s top universities, according to the recently released Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR) 2015 list of the world’s top 1,000 universities, coming in at number 31 nationally, and number 910 overall worldwide.

“It’s wonderful that Trent University continues to be recognized both nationally and internationally for the exceptional learning environment we provide to students,” said Dr. Neil Emery, Vice President, Research and International, and Professor of Biology at Trent University. “The rankings demonstrate that, although Trent is known as a university with a small community feel, we offer an interactive learning atmosphere with a strong focus on research and innovation that is recognized and valued the world over.”

The Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR) is the only global university ranking measuring the quality of education and training of students as well as the prestige of the faculty members and the quality of their research, without relying on surveys and university data submissions.


It was another year to remember as the community of Douro-Dummer and beyond supported the 2015 Benefit Cruise Night at the Warsaw Lions Park on August 5th.

A cheque for $23,000 was proudly presented to five year old Dori Parkhurst and her family.  Dori suffers from Leukemia and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.  She resides on County Road 6 near Stoney Lake with her parents Keith & Leigh and her 9 year old brother Brayden.


by vanessa stark

er conservative member of Parliament for Peterborough Riding, is insisting he is not guilty of breaking any election laws and has filed an appeal for the verdict as well as the sentence an appeal.

In 2012 it was revealed that Elections Canada was investigating Del Mastro’s case for over spending on his campaign during the 2008 election.

The investigation was brought about by a $21,000 personal cheque made out to Hollinshed Research Group which is a polling firm based in Ottawa which exceeded his campaign limit.