Friday, July 30, 2021
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Selwyn Dockage


At Selwyn township’s special council meeting on July 19, they decided the fate of the Lakefield Campground. But they also started discussions on the future of the dockage systems in place within the township, specifically at the Lakefield Marina.
The issue was raised by Deputy Mayor Sherry Senis who stated, “We have heard over time that we don’t have sufficient docking facilities at the marina and that there is a waiting list. And also, we do have dockage at Hague Point and there are a couple of options that are in the recommendation we just passed that could be looked at in the short term through a marina utilization study. This was something that Montieth Brown had talked about in the recreation review study that was done prior to us getting to this point dealing with the campground and I think that it would be timely for us to look at a study to see if there is possibilities or opportunities to have increased dockage in and around the marina.”

The recommendations Senis referenced was in relation to the campground and included such things as:

Review options related to dockage facilities including:

•  eliminating docking facilities

•  providing facilities for small craft docking only

• incorporating with other Township docking services
Janice Lavalley, Chief Administrative Officer for the township said that staff would be able to put together a work plan, including pricing on this matter, for council in December at which time all work plans are brought forward for council’s review.
Senis moved a recommendation that stated council look at expanding the Township docking opportunities and engage Monteith Brown to do a marina utilization study that would take place in the first quarter of 2022.
Councilor Anita Locke seconded the motion and with all in favour, it was carried.