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Friday, June 2, 2023


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Fish research study on Stoney Lake


Residents and visitors may notice a bit more activity on Stoney Lake this year.

Through the help of donations from Ralph and Carol Ingleton, Trent University is currently in the process of monitoring fish and water qualities in Stoney Lake. The research study is being conducted through the Trent Aquatic Research Program lead by Dr. Graham Raby.

Raby told the Herald, “The main project is what we’re calling the fish tracking project, and so we’re using a technology called acoustic telemetry. Telemetry just refers to transmitting data through the air basically, or water. But the transmitters we’re using are these little electronic tags that get surgically implanted into fish and send out an acoustic barcode that can be detected by underwater receivers.”

Raby explained that their team has about 60 underwater receivers placed throughout Stoney Lake that are approximately six feet under water and close to 100 fish with transmitters swimming around.

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Lakefield Cooperative Nursery School (LCNS) hosted their fundraiser carnival at Isabel Morris Park on Saturday May 27 with all sorts of fun activities for kids and parents alike. Pictured above are LCNS parents Elisha Kid and Sarah Dunn with LCNS program assistant Heather Shaw.
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Lakefield Minor Hockey has big plans to increase membership


Lakefield Minor Hockey (LMH) has big plans to up their numbers and become a staple in the community once again.

On May 23, Miguel Hernandez Paz, president for LMH along with Rejeanne Martin, publicity director for LMH, gave a delegation to Selwyn council to update the township on their plans for the future of the organization.

Hernandez Paz said that LMH has a new executive and they have a vision of bringing the association back to what it once was.

During his presentation, Hernadez Paz said that LMH made the tough decision to keep registration fees the same, actively choosing not to raise prices.

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Health Privatization voting results

Across the province, voters took to the poles last week to vote either for or against the privatization of health care in Ontario.

The Ontario Health Coalition hosted voting stations across Ontario, including in Peterborough County, on May 26 and 27.

According to the Peterborough Health Coalition, as of Tuesday morning, preliminary numbers show a total of 9,345 citizens from across Peterborough City and County voted no for the privatization of our public hospitals in the cross-Province citizen-led referendum held on Friday and Saturday of last week and on line.

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Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus Releases Refresh of Paramedic Services Regional Report

Protect Yourself from Tick Bites This Summer

Cultivating your mental health bears fruit in later life

KPRDS board reviews enrolment, revenue and grant information

Trent Lakes’ Municipal Council seek resident proposals for future of  community hall

Golden Years

Lakefield Farmer’s Market Vendor

A Silent Giver

Industrial Engineer Launches Private Continuous Improvement Practice

Kevin T. Heffernan

Kawartha Wild

Editorial by Terry McQuitty

Accidental Columnist by Marnie Clement

Lakefield Historical Society by Michael Chappell

Book Review by Barry Mutter

@yourlibrary by Kacie Gardiner

Mature Living by Terri Williams Kinghorn

Golden Years Club Update



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"Unheralded" the Documentary

This short documentary is a portrait of a tiny town, Lakefield, Ontario, and its independent weekly, the Herald. Across North America, newspapers are dying, but in Lakefield, Terry McQuitty, the town paper’s publisher, carries on a rich, 150-year-old tradition. Set to the pace of small-town life, Unheralded is a testament to the vital role newspapers can still play, and the close bond between reporter and reader.

Aaron Hancox   2011
Link to full doc provided by the National Film Board of Canada