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Terry McQuitty

Graham Wilkins of the Ontario Speed Skating Oval took advantage of the cold weather over the weekend to put a few more layers of ice on the 400 metre speed skating oval. The facility is now open and people are encouraged to visit their facebook page for up to date ice conditions and upcoming events ( The Oval is also hosting the Candlelight Skate as a PolarFest event on Saturday February 2.

PolarFest is an exciting winter carnival offering events guaranteed to entertain the whole family. Join us at the opening ceremonies on February 1, 2019 at 6:30pm at the Marshland Centre located at 64 Hague Blvd., Lakefield. Eastlink, our Corporate Sponsor, has kindly sponsored a fireworks show brought to you by North Star Fireworks Entertainment Inc! Fireworks will begin after the kickoff at approximately 7pm. Stick around and join the Lakefield Trail on their annual Night Hike around the marsh after the fireworks. When the hike is over join us back at the beach for hot apple cider and a beach bonfire!

Also taking place on Friday is Youth Shinny and the Gun’s and Hoses Charity Hockey Game.

The fun continues on Saturday February 2nd with more events:

• Free Pancake Breakfast at Causeway Christian Assembly

• Ice sculpture competition/awards ceremony in Lakefield

• Chainsaw ice carving by the Ice People in Bridgenorth

• Little chippers – coloured ice blocks for kids to make their own sculptures!

• Lakefield Library Lego Play

• 5 km Polar Run in Lakefield

• RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon Rides (weather dependant with no wind) Isabel Morris Park

• Nordic Day Skate at the Ontario Speed Skating Oval in Lakefield

• Candle light skate at the Ontario Speed Skating Oval in Lakefield

• Free Public Skating at the Lakefield Arena sponsored by Craftworks at the Barn

• Polar Paddle on Queen Street in Lakefield, an event that can’t be missed!

• Horse drawn sleigh rides in Ennismore hosted by the Ennismore Optimist Club

• Bridgenorth United Church Spaghetti Dinner and Entertainment

Sunday February 3rd is the Annual Polar Plunge hosted by B.E.L. Rotary Club. Watch people who raised money for local charities plunge into the frigid waters! While you are there hop on the RE/MAX hot air balloon and be sure to check out the antique and vintage snowmobile display. Before the plunge starts try your hand at lake curling, stones available at plunge site from 12-2pm, or watch the outdoor IP exhibition game EMHA vs LDMHA at 12pm.  Don’t forget to stop by the Ennismore Community Centre and enjoy free public skating at 1pm sponsored by Brad Sinclair of Royal LePage.

Last but not least don’t forget to build a snowman for PolarFest weekend! Enter the PolarFest Snowman Challenge by uploading your picture to Facebook for a chance to win prizes (see website for more details).

A big thank you to all of our volunteers and sponsors! Eastlink, Lakeridge Property, Precision Sunrooms, Commercial Press and Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism!

There are so many reasons for you to come chill with us for PolarFest 2019! Like us on Facebook and check out our website


Celebrate the 13th Anniversary of PolarFest!

Come Chill With Us February 1 – February 3, 2019


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by Terry McQuitty

Council remuneration has been a hot topic recently since the County of Peterborough raised the compensation packages for council members earlier this month. The Township of Douro-Dummer has also been in the process of reviewing their council pay structure. This being the case on December 20, 2018 council received a report which outlined council remuneration.

As per legeslation, every time council looks at adjusting their remuneration packages a public meeting must be held. This meeting was held during the regularly scheduled council meeting on Tuesday evening. There were no questions or concerns raised by the gallery.

The December 20 report was brought back to council Tuesday evening with recommendations to adjust the pay scale.

The report examined remuneration packages of other townships within the County of Peterborough and discovered that members of Douro-Dummer council were paid below average. The discrepancy is as follows:

Mayor   $4,441

Deputy Mayor $1,399

Councillor  $528

All of these calculations are based on the December 1, 2018 remuneration which includes the annual 2 per cent increment.

Staff was also asked to take in to consideration the elimination of the one third tax exemption to their pay package which came in to effect on January 1 of this year.

The report recommended that remuneration packages be adjusted. The new formula will compensate for the lost tax break as well as include a raise to bring Douro-Dummer councillors closer to their peers on the pay scale. The recommended formula is shown below:

Mayor- $22,190 + $2,219 + $4,441= $28,850

Deputy Mayor- $19,484 + $1,949 + $1,399= $22,832

Councillor- $17,860 + $1,786 + $528= $20,174

The Mayor saw a wage decrease on the county level and will now receive $79,450 per anum as a base salary while the Deputy Mayor received a 37 per cent increase on county council which sets his new wage at $48,671 per anum.

Councillor Tom Watt Moved the recommendation and council passed the pay raise unanimously.

Also on the agenda for Tuesday evening was volunteer firefighters pay. Fire Chief Chuck Pederson presented a report to council outlining the present pay structure and recommending a comprehensive structure moving forward.

Pederson pointed out that the last firefighter wage report was presented in 2015. At that point wages had been static for six years, thus an 11 per cent increase was added to the pay and a two per cent increase was tagged on for the remainder of council’s term.

Pederson recently did a county wide comparison of volunteer firefighters wages. Pederson said that of the six municipalities that replied, not all were a good comparison. There were differences in mileage pay, training rate different than response rate, years of service, honorariums and so on.

In the near future the Douro-Dummer fire department plans to table a new E&R by-law that will include a department organizational chart where they will look at all of our ranks as well as honorariums, wages, mileage, in house training, outside training, and other work assignments at that time.

The recommendation tabled Tuesday eveing asked that a two per cent increase be added annually to volunteer firefighters pay for the remainder of this council term. Pederson pointed out that the gradual two per cent increase will eliminate a larger pay increase in the future.




Douro-Dummer Remuneration


Douro-Dummer opts to allow cannabis retail outlets

by Terry McQuitty

Douro-Dummer hosted a special meeting on Tuesday before the regularly scheduled council meeting. Hallie Atter,  Manager Family and Community Health Team and Sarah Cullingham, Health Promoter Family, Peterborough Public Health were on hand to explain the Cannabis Legalization and Smoke-Free Ontario Act Update-Briefing Note: Bill 36, Cannabis Statue Law Amendment Act and Ontario Regulation 468/18

Only four people were in attendance for the information session. The Health Unit presentation was designed to give councillors information   as the deadline to opt in or out of cannabis retail outlets within a municipality draw closer.

The Health Unit told council that they categorise cannabis along the same lines as alcohol or tobacco products. They accept that there needs to be access to the product, but there has to be regulations in place. They pointed to the provincial regulations, but stressed that these regulations should be the base line and municipal bylaws can go above and beyond those regulations.

The Health Unit recommended that the township revisit their smoking bylaws regardless of whether they opt in or out and also recommended that the township participate in a regional cannabis committee.

Council also received a report from staff regarding cannabis legalization. The report stated now that cannabis has been legalized for recreation consumption on a retail level, there is an opportunity for municipalities to opt in or opt out of having retail cannabis stores within their boundaries.  In order to opt out of retail sales a decision has to be made by January 22, 2019.

 Municipalities that opt in prior to January 22, 2019, to having retail stores have no option to opt out in the future.  Municipalities that opt out to having retail stores prior to January 22, 2019, can opt in at any time in the future- but once in you cannot opt out.

 If municipalities do not advise the province prior to January 22, 2019 they are deemed to have opted in by default.

One of the main advantaged for opting in to the program is that there will most likely be additional government funding available. Municipalities that opt out at this time will only be eligible for the initial $10,000 in funding offered by the provincial government.

Deputy Mayor Karl Moher moved that the township opt in to the program. Moher said that if they opt out they only encourage illegal sales.

Councillor Tom Watt pointed out that Douro-Dummer may never actually get a cannabis store, but if they opt in they are still eligible for the funding.

Councillor Watson stressed that they are trying to grow economic development in the township  and should send the message that they are open for business.

Council moved to opt in to the program.


Unheralded the documentary

"Unheralded" chronicles a week in the life of "The Lakefield Herald", a local newspaper published in Lakefield, Ontario. Whether writing about dog shows and 100th birthdays, or telling stories of citizen opposition and community loss - local news reporters have a difficult job, especially when the readers are their neighbours. "Unheralded" is an NFB-TVO Calling Card production.