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Friday, February 23, 2024


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Trent Lakes approves a 2.15 per cent tax increase


Trent Lakes Council approved the 2024 municipal budget that includes a 2.15 tax rate increase.

The budget, which was presented by CAO/Treasurer Donna Teggart is for $26,296,678, an increase of $3,209,594 over the 2023 budget which was $23,087,084.

That means an increase of $8.53 for each $100,000 of residential assessment for homeowners.  The average assessment for Trent Lakes homes is $410,080 which will represents a total increase of $52.36.  As a result the average tax bill for residents will be $1,661.

Teggart told council that the 2024 budget was impacted by increased training certification requirements for emergency services, purchasing delivery delays and a lack of bidders or projects, increased costs due to inflationary pressures, the Public Health transfer of sewage inspections and insurance cost increases.

Savings this year, she said, include continued digitization and process efficiencies, joint tendering with Peterborough County for surface treatment, winter and calcium chloride, new revenue for the producer responsibility recycling program and waste initiatives to reduce haulage fees.

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BlizzardFest took place at the Buckhorn Community Centre on Saturday. The weather cooperated for the outdoor events, but there was plenty to do inside for people who wanted to warm up. The schedule included entertainment, games for the kids, sleigh rides and exhibitors just to name a few. Pictured above are Alexie with her mother Marie-Pier King visiting family on the Family Day Weekend from Ottawa.
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Douro-Dummer approves Short Term Rental plan


Douro-Dummer agreed on a plan regarding Short Term Rentals (STRs) at the regular council meeting on Tuesday evening. CAO Elana Arthurs presented a detailed report outlining the road taken to this point on the topic of STRs.

STRs are a controversial issue in many municipalities and Douro-Dummer is no different. Opinions on the topic vary from a total ban to no regulations at all. This divide became evident during Short Term Rental Advisory  Committee meetings organized by the township.

At the regular council meeting of October 3 a number of people registered to speak both in favour and against to the concept of licensing STRs during the comment period. It should be noted that four out of the five presenters during the comment period were also members of the STR committee and they included Suzanne Coros, Jeff Martin, Nina Janoscik and David Kotch.

There was meant to be a delegation led by Tina Warren and Lois Wallace at that meeting, but they were unable to attend, however they did submit a petition that was received by council.

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Local parents raising funds for Chemong Public School


A local team of parents are fundraising to purchase new playground equipment at Chemong Public School in Bridgenorth.

Aleisha Robbins-Lee, a mom of four, took on the fundraising project two years after an old climber was deemed unsafe and was removed from the junior playground at the school.

Robbins-Lee has three children that use the junior playground and one that uses the senior.

After the removal of the climber, no other equipment was installed to replace it.

Robbins-Lee did say that currently there is some equipment in the junior playground such as a small climber, some swings, and a slide. However they are really looking to replace what was taken down to give the kids more options.

Robbins-Lee said, “They’re (the students) are bored.

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Children’s Stage Lakefield hosts PSO Chamber Players

Community Care Launches Grandparent of the Year

World Day of Prayer comes to Lakefield on March 1

Campbellford Memorial Hospital Set to Install New CT Scanner

Nexicom celebrates 125 years in the neighbourhood

Ontario Banning Road Tolls, Freezing Driver’s Licence Fees

Agricultural Innovation Award presentation

Lakefield’s tourist publication set to go for May

Local parents raising funds for Chemong Public School

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Accidental Columnist by Marnie Clement

Lakefield Historical Society by Michael Chappell

Book Review by Barry Mutter

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Mature Living by Terri Williams Kinghorn

Golden Years Club Update



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"Unheralded" the Documentary

This short documentary is a portrait of a tiny town, Lakefield, Ontario, and its independent weekly, the Herald. Across North America, newspapers are dying, but in Lakefield, Terry McQuitty, the town paper’s publisher, carries on a rich, 150-year-old tradition. Set to the pace of small-town life, Unheralded is a testament to the vital role newspapers can still play, and the close bond between reporter and reader.

Aaron Hancox   2011
Link to full doc provided by the National Film Board of Canada