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Selwyn Township Mayor Andy Mitchell chats with Mike Walker, employer liason for Agilec, Lakefield office at the career fair held on March 6, 2019 at the Lakefield Legion.  Employers set up tables for those interested in working with them or for those heading off to get upgrading at Fleming College. Many who attended walked away with good vibes and hopes to find a job. 15 employer tables were in attendance for job seekers of all ages.

Angela Lavallee

by Terry McQuitty

There were a few differences of opinion around the Douro-Dummer council table last Tuesday evening. CAO David Clifford submitted a report that would see the township look in to a service delivery report.

The report outlined Strategic Actions as listed below:

• Administrative plan to help to manage risks/priorities (service delivery review) component to evaluate the financial and staff resources needed to meet increasing demands.

Clifford pointed out in the report that there have been numerous changes over the past number of years in the responsibilities placed on municipal governments. These responsibilities are coupled with ongoing budgetary pressures that can affect the way the township operates.

Clifford believes that now is the ideal time to study township services to see if there can be improvements on how these services are delivered.

Clifford also thought the timing is right to look at the townships organizational structure. The structure is directly related to the services provided by the municipality and how the township  provides them, so an organizational review would also be appropriate at the same time.

The last time an organizational review was done for the township was almost 15 years ago and it is recommended this be done at least every five years.

Clifford concluded that in order to address the current and future needs of the municipality it is imperative that the township look at what they do and how they do it, to ensure that the municipality maximizes its resources. In stating this Clifford recommended that the report to Council, dated February 25, 2019, regarding a service delivery review be received and that staff be authorized to develop and send out a Request for Proposal for a service delivery review and organizational review for all departments to be completed by July 2019.

Clifford indicated in a previous report, the cost of this study could be in the $50,000 range. This can happen without significant budgetary impacts with the savings that we are achieving with having some full time staff not working full time. As well, through a discussion with the County CAO, this was an identified project for the county that it was budgeted for in 2019. Clifford believes there could be some economies of scale if Douro-Dummer were to partner with the county. Clifford also pointed out that there will hopefully be some changes that could provide some annual savings.

Councillor Shelagh Landsman questioned if the timing was right as there were a number of senior staff members that are presently on leave. Landsman pointed out that the departments are not running on all cylinders as staff is making an effort to help each other out while they are short staffed.

Councillor Heather Watson disagreed and stated that now was the time to take action. Repeating what Clifford said, the best time to perform such a study is at the beginning of a council term.

After some discussion there was a request for a recorded vote. Heather Watson and Tom Watt voted to move forward with the service delivery report while Shelagh Landsman and Deputy Mayor Karl Moher voted to postpone the study.

 Mayor J Murray Jones cast the deciding vote making the final decision 3-2 in favour of postponing the study.


 by Angela Lavallee

Selwyn Fire Chief Gord Jopling presented to Selwyn Council a report on the using of digital for dispatch rather than analog.

The Peterborough Fire Services (PFS) is in agreement with Peterborough County to provide services to the area.  The report from PFS currently provides 30 percent of dispatch calls to Peterborough County.

According to Fire Chief Jopling, PFS changed their comminications system to digital. He says Selwyn is 2.5 years away from going digital.

“It’s a top-notch system and I think council is getting a good deal with the 5 year agreement,” says Jopling.

Jopling, along with PFS Chief Chris Snetsinger, recommend a 9.8 per cent increase to bridge the gap. The county currently pays $54 per incident where as the cost to dispatch in Selywn Township is $114 and is competitive with the industry

Councillor Donna Ballantyne says it’s good news for the county.

“We’ve been with same company for 2 years, it’s good to know we still can count on them,” says Councillor Ballantyne.  She also said this is good for the rate payer.

Mayor Andy Mitchell asked if the system that is in place now is sufficient.

“To the best of your knowledge, and the years of service, does the system you have now serve your needs,”asks Mitchell. Fire Chief Jopling said the current system works and does serve the needs of the department.

In the report from PFS Chief Snetsinger, the cost of replacing radios is $180,000, the project is expected to be completed in mid - 2019.

Sewlyn Council agreed to move forward with the recommendation to go ahead with the proposed change to the system.


Green Party hosts Susan Chan as Keynote Speaker

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Selwyn fire goes from analog to digital



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Susan Chan, a well-known local agriculture and environment author, and co-founder of the Lakefield Farmer’s Market, will be offering practical tips to rural residents and farmers who are out on the front lines of climate change.

Chan is the keynote speaker at the upcoming Green Party of Peterborough-Kawartha’s open annual meeting at the Lakefield Legion on March 25, 2019 at 7 p.m.

Chan is the author of The Landowner’s Guide to Conserving Native Pollinators on Farms, and several short factsheets on the topic of crop pollination and pollinators. She has recently created an online tool for designing pollinator habitat on farms.

“Our farmers and landowners say they are seeing bears out of hibernation in January, plants budding when they are supposed to be dormant, and new invasive plants showing up. They are really worried,” says Gianne Broughton, CEO of the local Green Party of Ontario constituency association and president of the local federal Green Party electoral district association.

 “So the local Greens decided to do something to help out, and we invited Chan to share solutions with farmers and other rural landowners at a meeting in Lakefield,” adds Broughton.

“The Green Party has a strong platform to help sustain farms and support farming in general.”

Chan has a small farm in Selwyn Township.  Besides her on-going research in sustainable agriculture, Chan teaches two courses at Trent University’s Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Program.

She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Guelph in Environmental Science.

Chan’s slide presentation will be followed by half an hour of discussion, with a focus on sharing practical ideas.  At 8 p.m., the business of the local federal and provincial Green Party associations will begin. The entire meeting is open to the public free of charge.  More information is available at ptbogreens.org.

Event Details:

Title: Producing Food in a Changing Climate

Date: Monday, March 25, 2019

Time: 7 to 9 PM

Location: Lakefield Legion, 10 Nichols Street, Lakefield.

The Peterborough-Kawartha federal and provincial Green Party associations provide the grassroots democratic structure for electing Green Party candidates to run in provincial and federal elections.

For more information:

Name: Gianne Broughton

Current Position: CEO of the Peterborough Kawartha Federal Green Party Association; President of the provincial Green Party association.

Contact Details: info@ptbogreens.org; 705-917-2109 pls text first.



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