Friday, October 22, 2021
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Decision on Buckhorn Sports Pad Deferred


A long-awaited feasibility study looking at the Buckhorn Sports Pad was presented to Trent Lakes Municipal Council at Tuesday’s meeting.

Representatives, from fsStrategy Inc. presented a 58 page report to council.  The study looked at options to expand the number of days available to use the ice at the sports pad.  Over the last six years the number of usable days declined from 70 to an estimated 31 if the facility had been opened in 2020/21.

The current facility was built in 2010 and it is not a regulation (NHL) size rink.

Council voted to accept the report but agreed to defer making a decision about how to move forward until all council members are present.  Councillor Terry Lambshead was not at the meeting.

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Terry McQuitty
The Morton Community Healthcare Centre is operating Drive Through Flu Clinics again this year. Patients are required to book an appointment (time) with their doctor. The dates are as follows: October 28 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. Dr. Majeed will give the shots. October 30 and November 6 will be Dr. Houpt’s turn to give the jab and November 2, 3, 9 and 10 Dr. Arthur will give the shot in the mornings. Pictured above Gary Matthew of Buckhorn received the flu shot from Nurse Practitioner Sarah Bahar
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Road Safety on Birchview Road Back at Douro-Dummer Council


Safety concerns were raised once again at the regularly scheduled Douro-Dummer council meeting on Tuesday evening. A delegation from the Birchcliff Property Owner’s Association (BPOA) appeared before council with a powerpoint presentation outlining the concerns of people on the 12 kilometer stretch of road.

Residents of Birchview have been concerned about safety for the past 20 years according to Jeff Chalmers, Birchview resident, and he said they will continue to lobby council until the improvements are made.

The BPOA were not the only ones who are  concerned about road safety. At the September 7 Douro-Dummer council meeting, Dr Betsy McGregor appeared before council with a presentation and an ask. McGregor outlined her concerns and asked council to consider six suggested solutions. The solutions are as follows:
1. Speed Limit dropped from 60 to 40
2. No Parking Signs
3. Bush Clearance More Regularly
4. Greatly increased OPP presence and ticketing
5. Speed Sign
6. Speed Bumps.

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Buy Nothing Lakefield


Local residents have teamed up to create a virtual community within a community centred around gifting and breaking consumer culture.

Buy Nothing Lakefield is a Facebook group that was created just this month by Lori Hayes and Melissa Taylor. The idea behind this page is for local members of the community to gift others their old or unused items such as clothing, shoes, house hold items, or plants. This page is similar to Facebook Marketplace where Facebook users can purchase items from others, however with Buy Nothing Lakefield everything is gifted away, never sold.

Hayes was the first to come up with the idea after moving to the area about a month ago. Hayes was formerly part of a similar group for the north end of Peterborough.

She quickly enlisted the help of Taylor to set up the page on social media.

The pair got most of the information on how to do so from the global initiative site at

Hayes and Taylor both got behind the idea for not only the environmental reasons but also the community building aspects of the group as well.

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Fall Care Care Section

Otonabee Conservation and students from Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School plant trees in Clintonia Park

STR consultation in November

More information needed about quarry studies

Ontario Investing $100 Million to Help Tourism Sector Rebound From COVID-19

Trent Lakes Council Wants More Options regarding Transfer Stations

BEL Rotary Brings Thanksgiving to Local Families

Enhanced COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate with QR Code and Verify Ontario App Now Available

Peterborough-Kawartha Provincial Liberal Association Announces Candidate Nomination Vote

Cooking "From Scratch" with Lenore Kuch

Kawartha Wild

Editorial by Terry McQuitty

Accidental Columnist by Marnie Clement

Bird Column by Rachel Lancashire

Book Review by Barry Mutter

@yourlibrary by Kacie Gardiner

Mature Living by Terri Williams Kinghorn

Golden Years Club Update



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"Unheralded" the Documentary

This short documentary is a portrait of a tiny town, Lakefield, Ontario, and its independent weekly, the Herald. Across North America, newspapers are dying, but in Lakefield, Terry McQuitty, the town paper’s publisher, carries on a rich, 150-year-old tradition. Set to the pace of small-town life, Unheralded is a testament to the vital role newspapers can still play, and the close bond between reporter and reader.

Aaron Hancox   2011
Link to full doc provided by the National Film Board of Canada