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Friday, July 12, 2024

Open House hosted for Lakefield South Development


On Tuesday evening an open house for the Ray’s Creek Subdivision, commonly referred to as the Lakefield South development, was hosted by EcoVue Consulting Services Inc. on behalf of the developer, Triple T Holdings.

The purpose of the meeting was to present the current plan for the subdivision and hear concerns from the community while providing information and answer questions.

Kent Randall, principal planner with EcoVue, kicked off the meeting by explaining the project.

He said that the site is borded by Lakefield Road (County Road 29), and backs onto the 7th Line. The site is on approximately 140 acres and has 910 units proposed for development. However, not all units will be built at once.  This is a 10-phase project that is expected to last over 20 or 25 years, meaning the development happens over decades.

The development is planned to have 263 single homes, 65 townhouses and 682 apartments/condos with space in the lower level of the apartment building for commercial use.

There will eventually be access to this subdivision through the 7th Line, Murray Street, and Tower Road that will lead to the interior road system. Randall mentioned that 12 years ago, Tower Road along with the Water Tower itself were constructed to facilitate the future development at Ray’s Creek.

He also said that although this development project will take decades to complete, they want to take a holistic approach to the planning process to make sure the project is cohesive and thoroughly designed.

He also said that there would be an emphasis on walking trails to encourage residents to walk or cycle rather than driving.

After the overview of the project, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions.  

Some of the main concerns of the evening included:
• Storm water management: EcoVue explained that they have had many discussions and meetings with Otonabee Conservation to ensure that storm water management has been properly mapped and planned out to serve the development and protect the natural features on the property (Ray’s Creek).
• Increased population changing the small town charm of the village of Lakefield: EcoVue could not comment on who would be buying the housing units once complete, their outlook on the village, or their participation in the town’s events. However they said the hope was that the community as a whole would be welcome to walk the trails in the new development and that residents would walk down to the center of the village to mingle and shop.
• Increased density and infrastructure constraints: EcoVue stated that while the density seems quite high compared to the population of the Village, it is still consisted a low or medium density at the County level. They also stated that the current infrastructure such as water treatment, sewer, and hydro are not currently able to handle this increase in density. However, because it is such a long phased-in project, it allows time for upgrades and replacement of old infrastructure so that Lakefield can handle this new increase in density.
• If a second bridge would be necessary: EcoVue said that county of Peterborough is aware that a second bridge may be necessary and the difficulties of replacing the current bridge. However they could not comment further as it would be a county led initiative.
• Parking: EcoVue said that the townhouses and singles will allow for two parking spots each while the apartments will have 1.5 parking spaces at this time in addition to parking for commercial business that may move in there.
• School capacity with no local high school: EcoVue stated that they would send out a warning clause stating that their children may not be able to be placed in the local school but the school board would find a school to place them in. However that is up to the school board and not the developer, planner, or township.
• Energy efficient homes to allow owners to use more green energy solutions rather than natural gas: the planners explained that the buyers of the home would decide how they would like to heat their homes and any options available to Lakefield resident would be available to the new owners of homes in the development.

It was also asked at the meeting if any consideration had been given to donating the protected environmentally significant lands to the township or other environmental groups to look after and care for these lands. Randall said that yes that was the plan right now, however they had not decided who they would enlist to help yet.

For more information on this project, visit rayscreek.com