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Friday, November 11, 2022

Lakefield Legion Annual Honours and Awards Ceremony


The Lakefield Legion Honours and Awards ceremony was held on Sunday, November 27.

The afternoon began with President Jim Marsden doing an opening ceremony and introducing the Honours and Awards committee - Lorna MacDonald, Rhonda Dinsdale & Paul Dinsdale.  

The afternoon was about recognizing not only members for their long years of service - but also to recognize the volunteers of the Legion.

The Legion has three types of members.
Ordinary - which means means you were in the service.
Associate - which means you do or had a family member in the service and joined under their credentials.
Affiliate - which means you weren’t in the service and you didn’t join under a family member credentials.  

The Legion appreciates the loyalty of all of our members.  The following earned their long service pins.

10 years:  
Sam Aquilina, Drew Ridpath, Edward Villers.
Don Calberry, Katelyn Clarkson, Kyle Plumpton, Lee Rhynold, Patricia Skinner, Linda Valentine

Ross McFadden, W. Lawrence McKinley, Elizabeth Whitney, Doug Wilson, Brent Woodford

15 years:
Glen Easson, Don ThomasAffiliateRoger Dunford, Lisa Giles, Robert Griese, Edward Virgoe

20 years:
Theresa Flagler, Glen Ingram, Cindy Leblanc, Don Leblanc, Brent Richardson

25 years:  
Don Hunt, Bob Hunt, Anne Sullivan

30 years:
Joan Clements, John Clements

35 years:
Paul Wilson

Derek Cameron, Harry Jakins, Sheila Manley

40 years
Richard Ayotte, Donald Dunbar

45 years
Auke Praamsma, Robert Todd

Ken Logan, Thomas Watt

50 years
And finally one member who has been a member for 50 years.  A person the committee was proud to present a 50 year gold bar and pin to....A person who leads by example.....the Lakefield Legion president for the last 20 years.......a life member.....Jim Marsden.

Next it was time to thank the volunteers.  A round of applause was given to this year’s executive:  Jim Marsden, Brent Woodford, Cynthia Keech, Jeannie Lindsay, Barb Logan, Anita Locke, Darlene Little, Shelley Bertram Fallis, Rob Gilders, Sue Gilders, Sandy Lawrence & Lee Rhynold.

The poppy campaign volunteers were thanked next. Darlene Little, our poppy chair, awarded certificates of appreciation to:  Tim & Cindy Janssen, Bob Henderson, Barrie Ziebarth, Violet & Ted Richardson, Lynda Coons, Sam Aquilina, Alice Gibson, Don Calberry, Doug Calberry, Jim Marsden, Lorna MacDonald, Carolle Beyore, Lee & Bridget Rhynold, Sheila Manley, Steve Kent, Sandy Lawrence, Bill & Darla Peacock, Gord & Mary Cooke, Butch Foster, Tim Mathews, Steve Howlett, Lynn Payne, Brian Sawtell & Linda Beauvais, Linda Valentine & Stan Woynillowicz, Jim MacMillan, Garry Hoggarth, Orma Hogarth, Bill Harvey, Darlene Loucks, Matt Stopford, Norm Rushton, Jim Torrence, Randy Walls, Dave Carswell, Shelley Bertram Fallis, Jack Little, Ken & Barb Logan and Adrien St. Jean.

Appreciation Awards were next.  The following members of the Executive received their past officer ribbons and/or bars.

Sue Gilders and Rob Gilders received their executive ribbon and bar.  Darlene Little received her poppy bar.  Ken Logan received his 1st vice bar.  Sandy Lawrence received her secretary bar and Jeannie Lindsay received her executive ribbon and bar along with her membership bar.

Certificates of Appreciaton were given to the following members:  Rick Bowler, Bob Henderson, Jack Little, Bill Harvey, George Terpstra,  Adrien St. Jean, Vi Richardson, Linda Fuderer, Norma Jones, Linda Dunford, Cheryl Gilders, Linda Valentine, Rose Coones, Gloria Holland, Lynda Maschke, Jane Greer, Shelly Cotnam, Cindy Janssen, Sandy Lawrence, Theresa Flagler, Barb Logan, Glenna Hockaday, Ross McFadden, Randy McFadden, Butch  Foster, Jeannie Lindsay, Tim Mathews, Wendy Monico, John Dunford, Linda Beauvais, Ted Graham, Anne Druce, Steve Howlett, Matt Stopford, Sheila Manley, Jessica Nichols, Shirley Reeder, Garry Hoggarth, Claude Carriere and Arnie Hockaday.

Certificates of Merit were given to Dennis McFadden & Lynn Payne.

The Branch Service Medal was awarded to Shelley Bertram Fallis.

The final award of the afternoon went to a member who is well known to the Branch.  This person works tirelessly, does a lot of work behind the scenes and always has a smile on her face.  This person doesn’t like to be the center of attention and prefers to work in the background.  This person is the go-to person when it’s time to do a funeral or special event luncheon.  It feels like this person is always on call – and she will always do her very best to accommodate.  She is friendly, kind and compassionate to those that require the luncheons.  She represents our Branch so well – donating her time and is an all-round nice person to not only all of our members, but to the community too.    

Congratulations go to Glenna Hockaday - this year’s Legionnaire of the Year.

President, Jim Marsden concluded the afternoon with a closing ceremony and then thanked the executive, the Honours and Awards committee and the many volunteers for everything they do.  As Jim said “the Branch couldn’t do it without all of you.”