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Friday, January 27, 2022

Health Privatization voting results

Across the province, voters took to the poles last week to vote either for or against the privatization of health care in Ontario.

The Ontario Health Coalition hosted voting stations across Ontario, including in Peterborough County, on May 26 and 27.

According to the Peterborough Health Coalition, as of Tuesday morning, preliminary numbers show a total of 9,345 citizens from across Peterborough City and County voted no for the privatization of our public hospitals in the cross-Province citizen-led referendum held on Friday and Saturday of last week and on line.

“The numbers are great. It was a massive effort that far exceeded our expectations,” said Peterborough Health Coalition co-chair Marion Burton.

Volunteers counted the in-person votes on Sunday, which saw No votes totalling 4866, and Yes votes totalling 65. These totals include some workplace votes.

Online voting results from Douro Dummer, Keene, Lakefield, Millbrook, Peterborough and Selwyn totaled 4,479 No votes and 35 Yes votes.

At press time, Peterborough’s preliminary total of No votes is 9,345 and 100 Yes votes.

There are still some workplace votes that remained to be counted by press time.