Friday, July 30, 2021
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Chambers to Merge


The Kawartha Chamber of Commerce and Tourism along with the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce have announced that they plan on merging into one consolidated Chamber.

According to a release sent out to members of both Chambers, each board of directors voted unanimously to pursue the consolidation of the two Chambers.

The Kawartha Chamber is located on Queen Street in the Heart of Lakefield serving businesses in Curve Lake First Nation and the rural municipalities of Douro-Dummer, North Kawartha, Selwyn and Trent Lakes according to their website.

The Peterborough Chamber is located on George Street North in Peterborough City and represents businesses within the city and county of Peterborough.

Both Chambers will be seeking a vote of approval from their members in September.

They are asking members to review a short video about the decision along with their consolidation proposal.

In the Kawartha Chamber’s six page consolidation proposal, they state that in a post-pandemic world, both boards feel that they will be much stronger and more effective together as one, rather than two separate organizations.

Some of the advantages they state members will experience from this merge will be:

• There is power in numbers. A larger voice, combined with the joint influence and expertise of our individual members, offers the business community a stronger influence with Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments.

• Offering members access to a wider range of services.

• Increased exposure for members through our online directory, social media channels, marketing and advertising, sponsorship and events, new partnerships and collaborations.

• Improved business fundamentals for members through quality training, reliable and relevant information, targeted programs, help in attracting and retaining employees, and adapting to new\ technologies.

• A much stronger financial footing through savings in back office and overhead costs, enabling more resources to be focused on member services.
For more informantion, please contact Sherry Boyce-Found, General Manager Kawartha Chamber of Commerce and Tourism at